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The Upper East Side region is famous for the wide range of eateries and joints that offer local as well as international cuisine. The locals know the real ‘hot spots’ of ritzy bars and eateries where you can dine in comfort and enjoy sumptuous meals fit for a king. If you need authentic Italian cuisine then here’s where to find it

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Not only does the Upper East Side offer cuisine from across the world but also it has the ideal backdrop for an after dinner walk whether you are a parent with kids or just a couple needing to spend that little extra time together.

Let us look at a list of eight of the finest restaurants on the Upper East Side, each offering patrons anything from a quick bite to a multi-course meal.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel restaurant is located in Central Park and has been around since 1993. The restaurant’s signature dishes include roasted halibut served with Thai basil and a smooth yogurt-curry sauce just perfect for fine dining on white tablecloth.

  2. Candle Café

    Established in 1984, the Candle Café is one of New York’s City top vegan restaurants. As one of the first eatery to use from- the- farm- to- the- table produce, the Candle Café organic vegan fare focuses on local farming, eco-friendly activities, and sustainability. Check this URL for more information:

    The dishes are mouthwatering and patrons who are truly vegans enjoy dining here. You can find this restaurant at two locations on Upper East Side.

  3. Sushi of Gari

    The Sushi Gari is a small eatery located in one of the upscale places in the area. It’s a great place to grab a bite. As indicated by its name, the pink sushi is a favorite among the patrons.

    Just in case sushi is not your choice, you can order any of the cooked dishes, such as chicken and vegetable or shrimp tempura. On the other hand, if you can’t make up your mind, then you might want to try the chef’s choice; the mouthwatering omakase meal mentioned here.

  4. Flex mussels

    The Flex mussels menu contains more than 20 different types of mussels. The dishes are served with sauces with French, Indian, Thai, Italy and Copenhagen flair. While the menu contains a wide variety of salads, this however is not the spot for you if you don’t like mollusks.

    Decor is the least, but there is enough to offer the appropriate setting for shell sucking and beer drinking. Never skip dessert served here. Customers talk about nothing else than the salted caramel donuts. Guess what; do not go ordering a second helping of truffle fries before you dig into these delicious donuts for dessert.

  5. Café Boulud

    Café Boulud is a classy restaurant with menu consisting of four segments, each with its own emphasis. There’s the La Tradition, which features the typical French preparations including items such as roasted duck breast, foie gras terrine and chocolate soufflé. The La Saison focuses on seafood, the freshest meats, and in-season vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, then the Le Potager is your perfect menu; the Le Voyage’s focus is on cuisine from around the globe.

    If you are too tired for weekend home cooking try out Boulud’s L’Express in a jiffy dishes of baked goods, boiled eggs and parfaits. However, it would be more relaxing for you if you just sit down, unwind and enjoy your meal in a timely manner here at Café Boulud. Check this URL for more


  6. Toloache

    The menu at the Toloache comprises of Mexican fare of staples such as guacamole, tacos and ceviches. If you look a little closer at the list of ingredients, you’ll discover that the taco meals include Oaxacan-style parched grasshopper with cilantro, salsa verde and requisite onion toppings. If you are very hungry, you can choose the dry-aged rib eye served with chimichurri and seven-chili tequila glaze.

  7. Heidi’s House on the Side of the Road

    This is the hidden restaurant in plain view. They served the most sumptuous mac and cheese. Your other options are burger, the paella or the pasta of the day. Dessert is chocolate soufflé, which the regulars swear is the best.

  8. Beyoglu

    The Beyoglu offers dishes with a distinct brand of flavor. The hummus and tabbouleh are the more familiar picks and there’s sardines enclosed in grape leaves. Main course meals include a selection of delicious doner kebabs as well as lamb, chicken, swordfish and striped bass. Here, there’s only one option for dessert; the baklava!

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