I’m voting for Green M&M’s!

It’s not a secret that I love chocolates! And M&M’s is one of my all time favorite chocolates, it’s fun peeking into the package and see those little nibbles in a spectrum of colors. What’s your favorite M&M’s hue? Mine is GREEN!

Vote for Ms. Green!

Why vote for Miss Green? Here are some fun facts about Miss Green:

  • Old enough to know better.
  • Turn-ons : Fashion, shopping but also protecting the planet. What could be more…natural.
  • I was once described as smart, strong and…sexy. You choose.

So why vote for anyone else, VOTE FOR MISS GREEN, OK?

Here’s the fun part, you can win exciting prizes just by voting M&M’s Miss Green! Go to http://www.m-ms.com.ph/vote/, tick the box for GREEN and click VOTE NOW.

Vote MISS GREEN and win these prizes!

Head on to http://www.m-ms.com.ph/vote/….. GREEN GREEN GREEN!


  1. I have voted for GREEN too 🙂



  1. badet says:

    I'm voting for Green M&M's! http://t.co/puGftlb

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