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Did you notice that a lot of organic weekend markets, natural beauty products, detox juices, vegetarian restaurants are popping up lately? In this age of modern science and technology, it’s a bit ironic that people are also going back to basics and reconnecting with Mother Nature. Ironic, indeed but going natural is the best thing that we can do to our health and our environment.

At the Ascof Lagundi Naturalista Moms Garden Affair held at The Earth Kitchen in Katipunan, we were shown plenty of ways to live a simple and natural way of living. Eat healthy and organic salads for a healthier body, grow your own garden to for a greener earth, and upcycle/recycle/repurpose old stuff to minimize waste.

Some ways to start a simple and natural lifestyle

When it comes to my family’s health, I’m at the paranoid side of the spectrum, I want to treat the illness even at the early signs of symptoms. “Lista” is what they call it.  Of course, I turn to natural remedies first before loading up on chemical-based medicines.

Another naturalista mom, Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi, graced the event together with her twins, Cassy and Mavy, as the latest endorsers of Ascof Lagundi.

It’s great to know that at the onset of cough, Pascual Laboratories made use of the healing properties of Lagundi leaf, or Vitex Negundo leaf, and came up with Ascof Lagundi. Ascof is a natural and organic remedy for cough that dissolves phlegm the safe and natural way. It is approved by Food and Drug Administration as a home remedy drug and herbal medicine. Since it’s natural, there’s no side effects and no risk of overdose.

When I was 8 months pregnant with Gwen, I became so sickly and one of my illnesses is cough. I really can’t sleep at night, knowing that I can’t just take any medicines because of my condition, I consulted my OB and she prescribed a lagundi-based cough syrup too. I was free from cough after taking it fo3 2 to 3 days.

Ascof comes in tablet, capsule, syrup and sugar-free variants. For more information, visit http://ascof.com.ph/ or like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASCOFLagundi


  1. Yes, I’ve noticed that there are more restaurants and establishments nowadays that support the green movement. It’s nice to know that Ascof is one of them.


  2. It’s been nice to know about Ascof,natural products are really healthy and people love to use them in thee days.


  3. The good thing about organic products is that it’s much safer to the body as there are no harmful chemicals that may be rejected by the body.


  4. Green revolution’s spearheading worldwide and organic products are available so far.


  5. I love Ascof. I saw their Lagundi and Organic Farm at Nueve Ecija and mula noon love ko na sila.


  6. my OB din recommended Ascof when I had cough during my pregnancies (sa halos lahat yata inubo ako haha). Since it is natural, it is very safe to preggy muthers 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Sakitin ka rin nung preggy?


  7. As they say, natural is always the best way. We can all benefit from incorporating natural food and practices into our lives.


  8. i also got sick during the first few months of pregnancy, good thing i had a strong immune system + i am really against taking medicine ever since that i did not take any at the time, as i did know i was pregnant until a month later.

    going organic is a surefire way to stay healthy + steer clear of those otherwise chemical-laden products. it is a good thing that mums can now rely on Ascof for a much natural + healthier way to treat coughs.


  9. I guess the reason why we are starting to patronize all-natural products is because, people already has the purchasing power.. most of the all-natural are quite expensive.


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