I won! I won! I won!

I know this is very late but I just want to thank Angel of Happy Family Matters for choosing my entry for his contest which ended last April 23, 2008. I won 1,000 Entrecard credits which I can use to advertise my blog. I know this doesn’t matter to some but it is for me as a newbie blogger.

Thank you and more power!


  1. Guardian Angel says

    That is so sweet and humble of you mentioning my blog in your Thank You post.

    I did not make a mistake choosing you as the grand prize winner.

    Thanks and hope you’ll be among my Very Serious Droppers to enjoy a FREE AD on my sidebar.

    Pls. see the leftmost portion of my homepage.


  2. Guardian Angel says

    Hi again,

    Before you use your prize to advertise your blog, I suggest you read my Entrecard Tips series first.

    You can see them at the horizontal menu of my Humane Blogging Tips blog.



  3. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Thank you Angel for your suggestion on Entrecard. I will read them ASAP.


  4. congratulations!


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