Humorous gifts for mum on Mother’s Day

Just about every year we give our mums the normal Mother’s Day gifts of chocolates and flowers, which of course she loves to receive from you. This year however, why not make a change and give her a gift that will make her laugh as well?

mothers day gifts

There are plenty of good ideas available online, but here are a few to get you started.

  • A giant wine glass – I am sure that you have seen these enormous wine glasses that can hold an entire bottle of wine. So if your mother likes a glass of wine now and again, why not have a laugh with her and give her one of these humongous wine glasses and her favourite bottle of wine as well.
  • Zombie car decals – Car decals are still popular for lots of people who like to add a decal for each member of the family. A humorous approach is to secretly stick a selection of zombie decals on her car, each one representing someone in your family.
  • A hilarious Mother’s Day card – If you can’t think up your own funny Mother’s Day card, then check these out from There is a large selection to choose from and you will easily find one that tweaks your mum’s funny bone.
  • Travelling wine glass – Still on the subject of wine, if your mum likes to keep her glass of wine close and ready to go at all times, then check out this super on the go wine glass, perfect for the busy mum.
  • Mother’s Day flowers – If your mum just loves flowers and would miss her favourite bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers, why not add a funny quip to the card or even include one of the hilarious cards from above.
  • Awesome mop slippers – This gift has to be the best, because your mum will really see the funny side of receiving these mop slippers! The perfect gift for a house proud mum who likes to clean on the go.
  • Funny coffee mugs – There are lots of great decals on coffee mugs today that will really make your mum laugh out loud every time she’ll use it. So check out Zazzle’s funny coffee mugs, and give your mum the gift of laughter this Mother’s Day.
  • A funny Mother’s Day t-shirt – Every mum can always do with another t-shirt, CafePress offers a wide selection of t-shirts with funny printed designs that will make your mum laugh all day long.
  • Cat lover’s gift idea – If your mum has cats, why not give her a Blu-ray DVD of a coral reef aquarium that plays on the TV with full sound and colour and will definitely keep the cats occupied all day? Weird but funny as well!

With all of these ideas, your mum is sure to have the perfect Mother’s Day this year with her family.

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