How to travel comfortably inside a plane with Cebu Pacific’s Seat Selector

Nanay is going to the province on the first week of November and I booked her tickets online. Comparing the prices of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, I chose the latter since it’s Php 1,000 cheaper than PAL. Booking online with their interface is a breeze, just prepare your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) as you will use this for paying your tickets. On with the booking process, I entered necessary information until I was redirected to a Seat Selector page. An aircraft illustration that shows what seats are taken, vacant, which ones are near the lavatories and emergency exits are properly labelled. I selected the seat by the window on the second row for Nanay. The Seat Selector is optional but I want Nanay to have a comfortable trip, it’s only an additional Php 100 (Standard Seat) or Php 200 (Premium Seat) to your airfare.

Cebu Pacific’s Seat Selector

The Seat Selector is also a great tool for group of friends and families travelling together. They get to occupy the whole row or all window/aisle seats for all they want. There was this instance when my husband and I were seated rows apart going to Kalibo, Aklan. I have no one to talk to for the hour-long trip and I just listened to my Ipod. I hate travelling alone, moreso, when you’re seated beside a noisy and inconsiderate passenger. Another plain booboo I had was when I requested a window seat only to find out that the only view I can see is the aircraft’s gigantic wings. To visit Cebu Pacific’s FAQ page, click here.


  1. This caught my eye because “traveling comfortably” and “Cebu Pacific” don’t normally go in the same sentence 🙂
    I’ve traveled from Osaka to Manila on Cebu Pacific and wasn’t too happy with it.

    Having said that, last year when we were planning on going to Boracay, we decided to fly SEAIR back to Clark for two reasons- 1. we thought Cebu Pacific was uncomfortable, and 2. the Seair website made it look like more of a luxury airline.

    Well let me tell you. At least with Cebu Pacific you can’t see the pilots up front through the door and see that the windows were open!!! The Seair flight was terrifying!!!


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