How to travel comfortably inside a plane with Cebu Pacific’s Seat Selector

Nanay is going to the province on the first week of November and I booked her tickets online. Comparing the prices of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, I chose the latter since it’s Php 1,000 cheaper than PAL. Booking online with their interface is a breeze, just prepare your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) as you will use this for paying your tickets. On with the booking process, I entered necessary information until I was redirected to a Seat Selector page. An aircraft illustration that shows what seats are taken, vacant, which ones are near the lavatories and emergency exits are properly labelled. I selected the seat by the window on the second row for Nanay. The Seat Selector is optional but I want Nanay to have a comfortable trip, it’s only an additional Php 100 (Standard Seat) or Php 200 (Premium Seat) to your airfare.

Cebu Pacific’s Seat Selector

The Seat Selector is also a great tool for group of friends and families travelling together. They get to occupy the whole row or all window/aisle seats for all they want. There was this instance when my husband and I were seated rows apart going to Kalibo, Aklan. I have no one to talk to for the hour-long trip and I just listened to my Ipod. I hate travelling alone, moreso, when you’re seated beside a noisy and inconsiderate passenger. Another plain booboo I had was when I requested a window seat only to find out that the only view I can see is the aircraft’s gigantic wings. To visit Cebu Pacific’s FAQ page, click here.

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