How to get more lives in Candy Crush Saga

Admit it. You’re a Candy Crush addict like I do. And every Candy Crush players have the same dilemma, how to get more lives for FREE. 5 lives are not enough, especially when you’re stuck in a difficult level. Here’s a Candy Crush trick to get 5 lives instantly, you don’t have to wait for a few hours to recharge your lives or beg for lives from your Facebook friends.

Don’t wait or beg for lives, here’s an easy trick

On your Android or on iOS device, just change the date or time of your device, viola! 5 lives in an instant.

Thanks to my friend Louie who taught me this neat trick. In my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I just go to Settings > Date and Time, change the date. Just don’t forget to change back the date when you’re done playing. =)

Don’t forget to share this to your family and friends! Enjoy playing.


  1. Gee! Thanks 🙂 I have a bigger prob tho 🙁


  2. Nice, you got the same tricks I did! The nice thing about having the game on my cellphone is that I dont get bug of that annoying advertisement. If I play on my computer I would lemme play twice then Sponsored Ads would come up! Urggh!


  3. Galing! Thanks for the tip, Badet. Candy Crush addict din ako eh, haha. 🙂


  4. Christina says

    I tried this and when I change the day back it tells me I have to wait 1453 mins now….that really sucks!!
    So, does that mean I have to keep forwarding the day just to be able to play again, do I have to wait that long if I want to go back to the regular wait time or is there a way to fix that?


    Badet Reply:

    There is. Using the true date and time, I played the game with the help of lives given to me. After that, it went back to the regular wait time :). I hope this fix your problem 🙂


    Kristy Reply:

    It did the same thing to me… Over time it fixed itself, but yeah, I had to keep forwarding it to get lives. Last night I fwded it a her fwd and maybe that did the trick!


  5. if iam play on my phone all i do is deleted the candy crush app n then download it agin n reconnect back to facebook. n bam i got 5 nes lives


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