How to get discount on electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets especially smart phones are hot commodities nowadays. Everyone wants to have the newest camera technology, the fastest processor, or the latest software from Microsoft Philippines. But having the latest iPhone, laptop, or camera also means shelling out a premium. Being the first to own one surely comes with a price.

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Here’s how you can get discount on electronic gadgets so that you can still enjoy the latest in technology without breaking the bank.

  1. Take advantage of pre-orders.
    Telecom companies are getting pre-orders for the newest smart phones to be released. With these, some includes irresistible promos or bundles like unlimited data plan to go with your phone or a free tablet.
  2. Buy them during expo, tech events, or product launches.
    Another perfect time to buy is during special tech events like Expo, or product launches. In the recent Asus Zenvolution tech event I attended, Asus gave a powerbank as one of the freebies for the first 200 people who will buy the latest Zenfone 3 at the event.
  3. Buy online using voucher codes.
    Buying online has its perks aside from free shipping that most sites provide. When shopping online, make sure to use a Lazada voucher for mobiles and tablets. These voucher codes can give you additional 7% off or even score 80% discount on Clearance Sale items.
  4. Check out the loyalty offers of your telecom company.
    If you have been with your telecom company for more than a year or two, chances are you have a special deal like a free unit upgrade or a cheaper amortization of the latest gadget.
  5. Ask for employee discounts or student discounts.
    Check if your company is affiliated with some electronic stores. Some just asks for a company ID and you’ll be given a 10% discount or higher. Same goes for student discounts.
  6. Group buy.
    There is power in numbers. You can avail of wholesale offers if you buy in bulk, this also applies when buying gadgets.
  7. Watch out for warehouse sale or clearance sale.
    If you are fine with the not-so-latest device, then going to warehouse sales or clearance sales is a must. In here you can score big big discounts. Just manage your expectations though, some items have no boxes in them, or have minor scratches in them, etc.
  8. Buy in cash.
    There are perks when you pay in cash, or if using a credit card, pay straight up instead of deferred payments. Stores offer additional discount when you pay in full, you can also get additional freebies.
  9. Trade-in your old gadgets.
    This is also one marketing strategy by tech companies to entice you to upgrade. They will slash the price of a gadget if you trade-in your old one.
  10. Buy second-hand or preloved.
    If you are fine using second-hand gadgets, then buy as you please. Just make sure that you also know how to check for flags or defects before committing to buy a second-hand one.

Did I miss anything? If you got some additional tips on how to score discounts when shopping for electronic gadgets, please share in the comments section.

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