Gong Cha wish your milk tea is yummy like this

Apologies for the corny title but after tasting Gong Cha milk tea, I bet you’ll be singing a happy tune too. After Serenitea and Chatime, I can say that Gong Cha is the best milk tea place in town. I got acquainted with Gong Cha when we were in Singapore last July, people lined up at Gong Cha to have their milk tea fix. And because the lines are always long, I wasn’t able to try it.

Manila got caught up in the milk tea craze too and so Gong Cha is finally here…

Gong Cha

Tried their Milk Wintermelon Tea, Php 95 for large size plus Php 15 for pearls. This will be my staple order next time, I chose the 100% sugar level and still it’s not sickly sweet. I also have to try their Caramel Milk Tea because I’m a caramel lover, Php 90 for large size plus Php 15 for pearls. I can taste the caramel flavor but still has the distinct tea flavor, not sweet at all even at 100% sugar level.

Have you tried Gong Cha? What other milk tea places/variants you like?


  1. i used to love milk tea here in KL but i haven’t tried Gong Cha’s milk tea…One day i have to try it…


  2. My favorite milk tea of all time is Gong-Cha Alisan Milk Tea. 😀


  3. I have been drinking milk tea for years now but I haven’t tried something like Gong Cha’s.


  4. i love tea but not as much as the milk tea 🙂 hope to taste that Gong Cha’s


  5. I am not very fond of milk tea probably because I don’t like drinking milk.


  6. Try it sis, you’ll love it!


  7. filipinos wants to be famous, evn if it’s not reallly really Good Tea my Goodnesssssssss napaka Over Acting ng filipinooooooooooooooooooooo
    walang originality after two years drinking that tea, do you still Love it???? don’t fool your self Filipino’s,, dati cola kaya puro kayo diabetes ngayong tea naman ,, Streccccccccccccch MARRRRRRRRKKKkkkk , tea is for the cold country lang like honkong, hidi dito sa pilipinas super init humid


    Badet Reply:

    Milk teas can be hot and cold. And most people that go to Gong Cha, Chatime, Serenitea, etc.. have their milk teas cold. =)


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