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Global Community Communications Alliance Inspires Youth Through Local Rehabilitation Center

Global Community Communications Alliance has embraced several public service initiatives as a method of providing spiritual guidance and sharing their beliefs. The organization was founded on the teachings from the revelatory texts of the Urantia Book and the Cosmic Family Volumes and central to these teachings is to enlighten others to the Fatherhood of God and the brother/sisterhood of all humankind. Among the many successful public outreach projects sponsored by Global Community Communications Alliance is the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program in Tubac, Arizona.

Global Community Communications Alliance Members Serve As Mentors To Troubled Youth

The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program is a unique residency program providing individualized spiritual and emotional guidance to distressed teens and young adults. Sponsored by Global Community Communications Alliance, the program employs methods such as spiritual encouragement, agricultural training, counseling and service to others as a means of healing the soul. The program takes a deeper look at what may be preventing each individual from achieving their goals and develops a customized plan to overcome these obstacles.

Global Community Communications Alliance members are directly involved in mentoring participants in the Personality Integration Rehabilitation program. They lead by example, assisting participants with organic gardening, agricultural training and a variety of sustainable community development projects. Through this program, students are given the job training skills they need to function in society, as well as the opportunity to complete their high school equivalency if necessary.

Members of Global Community Communications Alliance are dedicated to healing the souls of spiritually troubled adolescents in the Southern Arizona community and beyond. They strive to cultivate a generation of youth prepared to take on the challenges associated with living a God-directed life.

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