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If you’re a pet owner, then you’ll definitely know how it feels that taking care of pets is very much like taking care of a real person. You bathe them everyday, feed them, and let them out for a walk. My mother takes care of our dog, Bobsy, he’s been part of the family for more than 10 years, yes, he’s already old. My mother loves Bobsy so much that she prepares Bobsy’s food first than our own food, his favorite, liver cooked adobo style. Lately, we noticed that Bobsy is often agitated and barks more than usual. Until one night, I saw a black cat feeding at Bobsy’s bowl of leftover from his dinner. That’s when we found out that the reason why our dog is barking angrily is because of stray cats trespassing our gates. The stray cats would jump at the gate and go to our dog’s feeding area to see what’s left for dinner.

Microchip cat/dog flap keeps other pets away from entering your house
Microchip cat/dog flap keeps other pets away from entering your house

This is disturbing not only for our dog but also for us. When Bobsy is barking angrily, we thought that there’s a thief trying to get in only to find out that it’s only those stray cats in the neighborhood. If only we have those Pet Porte microchip cat flaps I found in a UK site, our house and Bobsy will be free from those stray cats. The flap that will be installed in the door will only let your own pet enter and keep other pets out of your house. The cat flap, though originally intended for cats can also be used for small dogs. And if you want to install it at your metal gates, it will work just fine. The UK site delivers the cat flaps worldwide, just check the site for rates.

Before ordering the cat flap, I have to look for a veterinarian that can put a microchip to Bobsy first. If your pets already have a microchip in them, you can check with their online checker if the microchip number is compatible with their microchip cat flap.


  1. hi badet! now i miss reading patents about pet microchips. my uncle’s pet dog (in the USA) has one and he’s happy with it. sometimes when he visits P.I., he’d talk more about his dog than our cousins, haha! i told him before i read a lot about it from my line of work and he said it’s really worth it…
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