Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass for Penshoppe Official Photos

The official photos of Ed Westwick for Penshoppe campaign is finally out. Well, not all, but from Penshoppe’s official Facebook page, they posted a preview of Ed Westwick’s photo, is the photo too Chuck Bass or not? I can’t wait to see it on billboards.

Ed Westwick for Penshoppe

Stay tuned for more Ed Westwick updates. You know you love him, xoxo…


  1. I imagined him hotter than that. 🙂 Maybe since he’s less of a Chuck Bass in this campaign? LOL. But Ed Westwick is hot hot hot, Chuck or not Chuck. So excited for the rest of the photos! I hope Penshoppe will release a lot of behind-the-scenes.


  2. i want to see more photos of him from Penshoppe…gwapo talaga! hehehe


  3. He is HOT. Even though hindi sya ang model dati pa, I am a loyal user of Penshoppe ehehe


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