#EastMeetsFlavor at Wingstop

Wingstop Philippines surely knows how to satisfy our cravings. And as if their 10 unique flavors are not enough, they came up with 4 new flavors perfect for the Asian tastebuds. At Wingstop Philippines, it all boils down to #EastMeetsFlavor.

wingstop east meets flavor

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Wingstop made its way to the hearts and stomachs of Asians from all over that’s why it’s just fitting to introduce never tasted flavors exclusively for us! (Trivia: Wingstop in the US won’t have these flavors I was told)

wingstop asian flavors

The 4 new Asian Flavors infused the bold flavors of soy and garlic into the comforting tastes of honey and barbecue. Are you ready to get to know your next Asian cravings?

Spicy Soy

spicy soy

When it says spicy, it really is SPICY! Spicy soy will set your tastebuds on fire. I love eating spicy foods and my toleration for spice is I think high, but this one is over my limits. It’s still worth a try if you love anything spicy. Just have a bowl of Chipotle rice and an ice cold drink beside you. :p

Korean Soy

korean soy

Korean Soy has sesame and this is among the crowd favorites.

Honey BBQ

honey bbq wingstop

Honey BBQ is sweet and tangy at the same time. You’ll never go wrong with BBQ-flavored wings.

Honey Garlic

honey garlic

Honey Garlic is my personal favorite! The heated garlic adds depth to that distinct Asian soy flavor.

Wingstop also have new side dishes and a new branch in the South which merits another post. Meanwhile fly to the Wingstop branch near you and satisfy your cravings.

Wingstop Glorietta 2 branch

Wingstop Glorietta 2 branch


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