Dulcofiber with Smart Fiber launch at the Glass Garden

Last Friday I was invited to a fiber product launch at the Glass Garden in Pasig City courtesy of Nuffnang. The event piqued my interest after receiving a potted plant as an invitation and an indication that it’s going to be a health-related event.

Angel Jacob hosted the Dulcofiber launch

Boehringer-Ingelheim, one of the leading and trusted pharmaceutical companies in the country, organized the event for the launch of their newest product. You may not be familiar with Boehringer-Ingelheim but I’m sure we all know Dulcolax, right? Well, they are the ones responsible for providing relief for those who suffer constipation for years now, the brand Dulcolax has been a trusted laxative brand for over 50 years. And from the same makers of Dulcolax, comes another revolutionary product to promote digestive health, Dulcofiber with Smart Fiber.

Dulcofiber with Smartfiber


Dulcofiber is the only natural soluble fiber supplement currently in the market that contains Glucomannan, a “smart fiber” that helps keep regularity while leaving behind the essential nutrients and minerals that the body needs to absorb. Other laxatives can affect on how the digestive system absorbs minerals and nutrients, along with eliminating toxins, it also strips away essential minerals and nutrients from our body. With Dulcofiber, it only eliminates the toxins and retains the minerals and nutrients that body needs, that’s why it’s SMART. It also promotes good bacteria that promotes good digestion to prevent constipation. A round of shots of Dulcofiber were distributed to the guests to try, favorable reactions were made as the drink has a hint of mandarin orange flavour which makes it easier to drink. I have yet to try the Dulcofiber because I’m 9 weeks along the way, I have to consult my doctor first. But if Dulcofiber is safe for pregnant women, I’m sure a lot will benefit from this as constipation is one problem during pregnancy.

Smart eating with Chef Rob Pengson

Along with promoting smart choices and healthy lifestyle, the event also invited Chef Rob Pengson to whip up some healthy and delicious meals, nutritionist to guide guests on the right diet and spa therapists to give tips on relieving stress and relaxing the body. I enjoyed the Smart Eating segment because Chef Rob Pengson showed that healthy meals don’t necessarily mean bland tasting foods. And that eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourselves of delicious foods that you normally enjoy. Portion control, adding healthier alternative ingredients and taking away a little bit of sinful ones can make eating healthy, smart and enjoyable.

In everything that we do, we always need to keep a BALANCE, balance on what we eat and balance on work and play. Just like what Dulcofiber with Smart Fiber, keeping a balance inside our digestive system for a healthier well-being.

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