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There are two things that will catch my fancy whenever I’m in a store, the packaging and if it’s local. Those were the reasons why I got to try Locally Blended Juice Drinks when I went to 7-Eleven before. I think I bought the Pomelo variant, it’s name is so catchy, Pomelong & Lasting Love. Back then, I thought they only have 3 or 4 flavors, I was surprised that they have 10 flavors pala! I got to taste them all when I was invited to the launch last year at Early Night in BGC.

locally blended juice drinks

It was all about Filipino pride during the launch, very fitting because Locally is made from homegrown fruits such as Tamarind from Central and Southern Luzon, Mangosteen from Davao, and Calamansi from Isabela.

locally juice drinks

Here’s the complete list of Locally flavors, notice their witty and punny names:

  • Mangosteenie Miney Mo
  • Save The Best for Sineguelast
  • You’ve Dalandan It Again
  • Tamarind My Bell
  • Guyabano-body But You
  • Calamansi’z The Day
  • Pomelong and Lasting Love
  • Merci Buco 100% Coconut Water
  • Merci Buco Lychee
  • Merci Buco Buko Pandan

Among the 10 flavors, I’m sure you’ll have flavorites! Mine are Tamarind my Bell, this reminds me of the sampalok candy wrapped in yellow plastic wrap that can be bought in sari-sari stores. I think this one is very Pinoy too. Next is Pomelong and Lasting Love and Guyabano-body But You. I like Pomelo because it’s not too sweet and Guyabano because it tastes like the whole fruit of Guyabano sans the seeds.

Locally juice drinks are perfect for making cocktails and mocktails too, just like what Liquido Maestro did during the launch. I forgot what went with my Pomelo drink but it’s so refreshing.

liquido maestro

Locally Blended Juice Drinks come in bottles and cans while the Merci Buco line comes in tetra packs. Find them in leading convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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