We’ve been to Conti’s Trinoma branch many times but only for take-out of their famous Mango Bravo and their empanadas and cheese puffs.The first time we dined at Conti’s, we had their bestseller, Baked Salmon, and Chicken ala Kiev. This time, I tried their pasta and Jeff tried one of the pork dishes.

Salmone Pomodoro Pasta, Php 175

Salmone Pomodoro Pasta, salmon sauteed in tomato, capers and olive oil.

If you like olive-oil based pasta, then order this. It has plenty of salmon bits to add flavor to the rather bland taste of the pasta. I found the pasta dry although it has an ample amount of olive oil. The reason is that the pasta was not freshly cooked so it’s a bit stiff.


Roast Porkloin, Php 195

Roast Porkloin, boneless loin of pork with special gravy, served with buttered vegetables and garlic rice

The porkloin was tender and perfectly seasoned. Jeff likes his food with plenty of gravy and sauces, unfortunately, Conti’s don’t provide additional servings of sauces.

For dessert, we decided to try their Blueberry Cheesecake, nothing special. I still wish I had Mango Bravo instead.

Conti’s Trinoma doesn’t have wifi too, that’s why we can’t bring our portables in there to work and munch on their empanadas or cakes with coffee.


  1. You should have tried their linguini with pesto and seafood! I love the roast beef more than the pork.. And their fish kebas or baked salmon! 🙂 for dessert, black velvet or turtle pie are great alternatives to mango bravo.


  2. I also recommend Conti’s Moist Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Overload. Yummmmm!


  3. I’ve only been to Conti’s a few times, in their Trinoma branch, with friends. I always order a slice of cake and a hot choco so I haven’t tried their pasta yet. And their roast porkloin looks yummy! Gravvyyyy <3


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