Christmas Gift Idea: Towels and Linens

Here’s my first post about Christmas gift ideas, I hope to help in your Christmas giving needs. First suggestion would be towels and bed linens. Yeah it sounds generic but it’s very practical and useful. Everyone needs towels and linens for their homes. Too bad I wasn’t able to hoard much towels and bedsheets during the S&R Members Treat Sale last September.

But I hope to find great deals online from Ebay, Amazon or The White Company.

Christmas towels

I like to stock on new towels at the house for visitors, yes, guest towels are a welcome treat right. This way, guests will be comfortable while staying with us.

Who could not resist the smell and feel of fresh sheets? For someone like me who loves sleeping and staying in bed, bed sheets are nice gifts. Look for linens that are made of 100% cotton and with a higher thread count for a luxurious slumber time.


  1. I agree with you!

    Useful and practical coz for sure your recipient will use it.


  2. This is a useful gifts! you can use it everyday


  3. I love good towels and it is indeed a great gift!!


  4. Tapos embroidery na initials, personalized!


  5. I love receiving gifts that are practical… would love these towels, need my address haha.!
    happy shopping,


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