Causeway Seafood Restaurant, Banawe

Dimsum lovers strike again as we cruise along Banawe Street looking for Chinese restaurant that serves dimsum in a push cart. We’re looking for an eat-all-you-can promo but I haven’t encountered such in a Chinese restaurant. We spotted Causeway Seafood Restaurant, the busy parking area signifies that food must be good here.

It’s lunch time when we got there and the place is packed, we were greeted by this…

dimsum cart

Seconds after we’re seated, I found myself pointing to the steamer baskets one after another. On the table…

Spare Ribs and Crab Roe Siomai

Siomai is our staple order when we eat at all Chinese restaurants, you can never go wrong with siomai, and Causeway’s siomai is delish. The Spare Ribs with Tausi is very flavorful, so flavorful I want to order rice to go with it. I just held back from ordering because I’m gaining weight I might need some reading about lipofuze reviews after giving birth.

Xiao Long Bao and Hakao

I was disappointed with the Xiao Long Bao because there’s no soup inside. Hakao has a soft wrap filled with plump shrimps.

Chicken Feet

The highlight of our meal is the Chicken Feet. Most restaurants I’ve been to serves salty Chicken Feet. But Causeway’s has the right mix of sweet, salty and spicy. The meat just falls off the bone. This is truly the star of our meal because even the non-adventurous foodie husband liked this a lot and now a Chicken Feet lover!

Dimsum prices at Causeway is reasonable, for only Php 65 and if you visit from 9 PM til midnight, they slash their price at Php 45 each. You may not have a variety of choices at those times, though.

Causeway Seafood Restaurant

883 Banawe corner Del Monte Ave.

Quezon City


  1. Wow! I miss Causeway and I miss eating siomai and chicken feet. Too bad my husband won’t allow me to eat those while pregnant. For sure you enjoyed eating. 🙂


  2. Causeway? Sounds like a place in HK. Anyway, there is a restaurant serving real nice Chinese food in Banawe? Hmmm.. must drag my hubby to go there one day. Thanks for the post! 🙂


  3. Yes sis, plenty of Chinese restaurants lined up along Banawe. 🙂


  4. Hi, my family and i just came from causeway last night and we couldn’t agree with you more. Great dimsum, but we did not try, yet, the chicken feet and spare ribs. You should try the vegetable noodles and fried bean curd. we will surely be back for more.
    The xiao long bao in Casya along J. Vargas Home depot is worth it if you are looking for that soup inside.=)


    Badet Reply:

    Hi Macky, thanks for recommending the vegetable noodles, will try it soon =)


  5. Never been near the Banawe area. I’ve been reading lots of good things about Causeway. Pero dapat may soup inside yung Xiao Long Bao diba? You didn’t complain about it? 🙂


  6. we were just in causeway libis and it used to be a family favorite. The sweet n sour pork wasn’t good anymore and the fried chicken was too salty. I thought at first it was just me and pregnancy hormones, but then my brother said that it was too salty.

    Although their dimsum are still good. Especially the hakaw 😀


  7. I love love dimsum. I miss Chinese foo grabeH!!


  8. Damn i miss causeway! Kakaiba siomai nila. Walang katulad. Halos na try ko na lahat chinese restau dito cebu pero walang katulad ng siomai ng causeway! Even their beancurd. Sana mag tayo kayo ng branch dito sa cebu. Or may ma recomend ba kayo ng kasing sarap ng siomai ng causeway?



  1. Jan Hayes says:

    Causeway Seafood Restaurant, Banawe | Everything Nice!: Dimsum lovers strike again as we cruise along Banawe Str…

  2. […] A little overcooked, the black bean sauce is flavorful though. But I prefer the chicken feet from Causeway Seafood restaurant. […]

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