The importance of using a hand cream

We often pile up beauty products in our face, trying out every new product that’s out in the market that promises to keep our skin young, pimple-free, wrinkle-free and vibrant. But sometimes, we often neglect other parts of our body such as our hands. Have you paid attention to your hands and used a hand cream lately?

Our hands, though it’s not the first one to be seen in public, is also one of the most noticed parts of the body. Every time we meet somebody and do a handshake, that person can feel our hands, and it’s so embrassing if it’s dry and cracked sometimes, right? Hence, the importance of using a hand cream. It’s important to use creams that are targeted to specific parts of the body because different parts have specific needs. And our hands need all the moisture it can get because it has the least oil glands that’s why it’s more prone to dryness and peeling. Our hands is the most exposed body part to all elements, we use this for holding things (rough or smooth, hot or cold, wet or dry, etc..). Frequent washing also strips off the skin of moisture, so aside from using lotions, it is also wise to use moisturising soaps to work hand in hand with the hand cream.

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