City Hunter: Lee Min Ho fever again

My Lee Min Ho addiction is on! ABS-CBN brought the Korean drama City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. I am no longer updated nor have the time to watch Kdramas since Boys Over Flowers but this is an exception…

City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho

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ABS-CBN’s Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition Top 10 finalists

I love watching cooking shows! The TV is always on the Lifestyle Network, they changed formats however and some cooking shows were removed. I look forward to watching Iron Chef America every Saturdays.

Now, ABS-CBN brought Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition. The show is hosted by Judy Ann Santos which I think is perfect for the show as she loves cooking too. This is one of my fave reality show on TV.

Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition

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