Caronia Launches The Sound of Color Campaign

Some weeks ago, Caronia through Geiser Maclang sent me these colorful nail polishes from Caronia. It’s an invite for their Sound of Color event. Too bad I wasn’t able to attend but fortunately, I still get to enjoy these polishes at home. I love that they sent the colors that I like, especially Taupe and the blue one is called Blueberry. For other choices of nail polishes, I visit Zalora because they have Orly nail polish which I also love.

Thank you Caronia!

At the event, Caronia featured three different nail care stations that gave everyone a chance to have their nails adorned with nail art designs inspired by Pop, Rock, and Alternative musical genres.

The Rock nail care station, one of the themed nail care booths featured at the event, was where guests had their nails adorned with eye-catching nail art for free.

“We are highlighting color as a medium for women to express their passions, giving them the confidence to move the world through their creativity and self-expression,” Soria explains during her talk in the program. “Combined with another timeless and universal medium, sound, we are giving women a new instrument for them to express their individuality in our new campaign called The Sound of Color.”

The nails of guests who visited the Pop nail care station were treated with pops of bold, striking hues reminiscent of the amazing world of Pop music.

Looked like a fun event. But yeah I definitely agree that wearing different colors of nail polishes imbibes your mood and passion. So go ahead ladies, and wear your color.


  1. Their event looked really fun.. how I wish I was able to attend this event too 🙂


  2. I wonder what the Alternative station looks like. 🙂


  3. Solid ako sa Caronia! Most of my polishes are Caronia. Subok na kasi.

    Lucky you to enjoy their new colors. Post na pala ng NOTW picture!


  4. New nail polish, yay! Love the green and orange ones. 🙂


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