Buy More, Fly More: Shop and earn GetGo points

Here’s some great news for shoppers and travelers alike, the Buy More, Fly More Promo. P&G, Robinsons Supermarket and GetGo, Lifestyle Rewards program by Cebu Pacific are partnering together for an exciting new campaign. Buy More, Fly More lets shoppers earn GetGo points, which they can use to redeem flights on Cebu Pacific.

buy more fly more promo

Nik Laming, general manager of the Loyalty Division for Cebu Pacific, proudly announced this promo because they want to reward their consumers for doing what they buy every day. Whether it’s buying your shampoo, your child’s diapers, or your family’s soap.

On the other hand, P&G takes its purpose of touching and improving consumers’ lives to new heights—now, shoppers have a chance to fly with their P&G purchases!

#BuyMoreFlyMore Promo Mechanics

  1. In a single transaction, every Php 500 worth of at least 4 different P&G participating brands in Robinsons Supermarket is equivalent to 1 sticker.
  2. Collect 12 stickers and get a Cebu Pacific GetGo card with 2,600 points (GetGo card P150 membership fee waived). *2600 points is usually equivalent to a one way-trip to Cebu.
  3. Open to all Robinsons Supermarket shoppers.
  4.  Maximum of 12 sticker redemptions per day per shopper.
  5. Sticker card, stickers, and GetGo cards are redeemable at the customer service of any Robinsons Supermarket branch where purchase was made upon presentation of valid receipt.
  6. Sticker card, stickers, and GetGo card are non-convertible to cash.
  7. To claim their GetGo card customers must surrender the sticker card with 12 stickers to the Robinsons Supermarket customer service.
  8. Participating brands: Safeguard, Olay, H&S, Pantene, Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Downy, Joy.
  9.  Promotion period: November 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016
  10. Redemption period: November 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016
  11.  Promotion excludes wholesale transactions.

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