Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star Necklace

Boys Over Flowers is back! Thanks to ABS-CBN for moving the show at primetime so I can watch it again, yey! After gushing a lot about my favorite episodes in BOF especially the Boys Over Flowers in Macau, I just found a beautiful necklace similar to what Goo Jun Pyo gave to Jan Di that makes me want it so bad! It’s the Kissing Star necklace made by Stonehenge, a Korean company, and costs a whopping 238,000 Korean Won or 203 US dollars.

Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star necklace

It’s expensive because it’s made of sterling silver but some folks made a replica hence BOF fans can get it at a cheaper price. The replica necklace is priced at 5.90 Singapore dollars or 4.2 US dollars.

BOF Kissing Star Necklace

I’m not sure of the quality though because I’m still deciding if I’ll push through with my purchase. I’ll keep you updated if I ordered or if I find a local seller here in the Philippines.


  1. advance happy new year to you and your family. where do you get stuffs for your online store, what you sell there are truly great finds


  2. hi again sis! I want to ask you about satisfind, i can already log in but i don’t know how to proceed. should i just wait for them to contact me? what should i do para i get tasks, ur so lucky dami mo na task. you don’t have to publish this msg, just post a comment on my blog. why cant i post a comment at girltalk? dati naman pwede, ngayon kailangan pa approve moderator. thanks sis!


  3. hello… just wanna ask sana. How can I purchased the kissing star necklace I really like it. please reply. Meron ba yan dito sa philippines?


  4. My hubby has high praises for this but too bad I can’t seem to watch it as I’m more focused on the laptop. LOL!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Sure we can exchange links. I have added your link in my blogroll. Hope you can add me too. 🙂


  5. we have it in 3 types 🙂 check out our album


  6. karen :) says

    loe :)can i order one ? how much ?



    eto ung bilihan nung original kaso nde ko nman maintindihan since in korean ung site… di ko alam pano mgplace ng order… ok na sakin ung price…


  8. please nman if may mhanap kau kung pano mcontact ung mosaic jewelry n yan pkiemail lng po sa Mas mura to kesa sa saturn necklace. 38,000 yen ataung saturn necklace mga 20 plus in pesos.


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