B&P All-Day Breakfast in Ortigas

Amidst the bustling place in Ortigas, there’s an all-day breakfast place that offers comfort food with a twist. B&P All-Day Breakfast in Cyberspace Alpha along Garnet road serves delicious grub and good coffee from early morning till night.

b and p ortigas

B&P stands for Bea and Pia, the grand daughters of Annie Guerrero who owns Cravings. Judging from its interiors, B&P wants to win the hearts and tummies of the younger Ortigas crowd.

The #KumareBloggers had lunch some weekends ago to sample their food. The second level of B&P Ortigas was filled with laughter, good food, yummy desserts, and of course, coffee!

b&p ortigas

For starters, we were served Red Molo Soup (Php 175) and and Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The tomato soup is thick and rich, you need to take a break and eat the sandwich once in a while.

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Php 225

The Asian Caesar Salad has a Pinoy twist because of the tinapa-infused dressing and salted egg. I can really taste the tinapa flavor which I like. The crunchy fried wanton wrappers gave it a more Asian twist.

Asian Caesar Salad

Asian Caesar Salad, Php 195

B&P has Chef’s Bowls which I think are value for money. The Primera Beef Tapa is prime Angus beef tapa, adobo rice, egg, and pickled relish.

primera tapa

Primera Tapa, Php 295

Between the 2 Chef’s Bowls served to us, Don Malutong is my favorite. I can’t resist the thinly sliced crisp pork belly. OMG, this reminds me of 2nd’s (now closed) Bacon Chicharon.

don malutong

Don Malutong, Php 285

They have Hefty Plates which are good for sharing. One of them is their Beer-battered Buttermilk Chicken.

Beer-battered Buttermilk Chicken

Beer-battered Buttermilk Chicken, Php 450

This is fried chicken taken to a whole new level! Half-chicken in buttermilk beer batter deep fried to perfection, then paired with French toast and homemade gravy. I was surprised with this pairing, but it worked.

This pasta is still not on the menu and I forgot about its name but it’s tomato-based with tuyo.

b and p tuyo pasta

If you’re like me who loves to eat breakfast food even at night, you’ll be thrilled with their awesome selection. First, their Triple Decker is for those who love pancakes. You can choose what spread to use to layer your pancakes: peanut butter, Speculoos, coco jam, dulce de leche, and Nutella. Did I just say Nutella, take a look!

Triple Decker

Triple Decker, Php 250

Anything with hash brown and eggs is qualified as breakfast, so this Creole Eggs with All-Beef Patty is one of them. I find this as a sophisticated dish, all beef-patty in red wine demi-glace topped with spinach and poached egg.

Creole Eggs with All-Beef Patty

Creole Eggs with All-Beef Patty, Php 280

A typical Pinoy breakfast involves pan de sal, B&P took this lowly bread into a healthier and more adventurous version with Mang Benedict’s. Malunggay pan de sal, chicken longganisa, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce…breakfast food just got more exciting!

mang benedict's

Mang Benedict’s, Php 285

B&P also has refreshing drinks served in mason jars.

beverages B&P

Breakfast is not complete without a cup of coffee. And B&P serves good quality coffee from Australia, Di Bella. They also showed us ways on how to brew coffee using two types of technique.

di bella coffee

We were also served with shots of espresso, one with mocha syrup, and the other is with condensed milk.

espresso shot

Coffee is best paired with desserts, and you can’t go wrong with their cake selection.

Salted Caramel, Nutty Nirvana, Banoffee Pie

Salted Caramel, Nutty Nirvana, Banoffee Pie

b and p all day breakfast

B&P is the perfect place to unwind with my kumares!

B&P All-Day Breakfast – www.facebook.com/BNPhome
Cyberspace Alpha, Garnet Road
Ortigas, Pasig City

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