A healthy thirst quencher: Sunkist Orange Pulp

I’m addicted to soda, yes, that fizzy carbonated drink that is soooo good especially when ice-cold! Who couldn’t resist an ice-cold soda in this tropical climate? I’ve been wanting to get rid of my soda habit since last year, unfortunately, the longest that I was able to do was only 3 days without soda.

I searched for other alternatives like powdered juices and shakes but buying a bottle, stocking it in the ref and pouring it in the glass during mealtime sounds more convenient right?

But alas, Sunkist Orange Pulp is also as handy as the cola, and HEALTHIER too…

Sunkist Orange Pulp

At first, I thought that Sunkist Orange Pulp will just make me thirsty all the more after drinking it but I find it so refreshing. The pulp bits add a burst of flavor too. The drink is just the right amount of sweetness. I enjoy drinking it straight from the bottle. I store it in the freezer a few hours before we go to work so that it’s ice-cold.

If you’re like me who wants to cure your soda addiction, try Sunkist Orange Pulp, a healthier alternative.


  1. There was also a time when I couldn’t resist soda (like I feel I would literally die if I don’t get to drink at least once a day), but pregnancy has given me a strong reason to curb that addiction.

    I love Sunkist Orange Pulp as well! And basically any orange-y drink with pulp bits in it. 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Even when I’m pregnant, di ko matiis huhu. I just doubled the amount of water I drink to compensate..


  2. Ihavent seen myself splurging on soft drinks or soda’s in my life. though, i admit that i drink quite sometimes if i don’t have any choice specially when greetea’s out of stock in our vending machine. I drink yoghurt mango, teabag’s, yakult, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. sometimes fruit juices you can find in the market can be very tricky. most of them were very sugary.


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