A haircut and threading experience at Acqua Salon, Trinoma

It’s payday and peeps in the office decided to hit the mall and unwind at Giligan’s. While my husband and other officemates are having their fill at Giligan’s, I decided to have some “me”-time and went to the salon instead. It’s been a while since I had my haircut and my hair had grown long just above my waist. I always go to Bench Fix for my haircut but I decided to give a new salon a try, Acqua Salon looks promising based on the reviews from other forums and blogs.

Acqua Salon, Trinoma (photo credits to Shopcrazy)
Acqua Salon, Trinoma (photo credits to Shopcrazy)

Upon entering the salon, you’ll be delighted with the modern and crisp feel of the salon with it’s bright white lights. I was asked for my preferred stylist but I said it’s my first time to go there. I should have pointed the male (gay?) stylist when I was asked because I was assigned to the female stylist named Lui and her assistant, Ian. You see, I don’t like female stylists because I don’t like the styling they give to my hair. I have yet to find a good female stylist in any salon. Meanwhile, Ian led me to the shampoo area and I was surprised to see bed-look-alikes instead of chairs. I have to lie down while Ian washed my hair. After applying conditioner, I was treated with a scalp massage for about 10-15 minutes. Great! And I thought the free scalp massage was enough for a treat, I was given a glass of iced tea while having a back massage while waiting for the stylist, Ms. Lui. Another thumbs up, this is what a Php 280.00 haircut like.

On with the haircut, I told Lui to cut my hair up to the bra line with a layered cut. The result was fine but it could have been better if she added more layers, this is why I preferred gay stylists because the latter can seem to add more layers and flair to my hair all the time.

I decided to have eyebrow threading too with Ian. They have a special area in the salon too for different kinds of procedures. Ian tamed my brows well and the procedure is almost painless. Eyebrow threading costs Php 120.00.

Overall, I love Acqua Salon, the spacious and modern interiors and the extra effort to make the ambiance more relaxing is a plus. I almost dozed off from my chair while having a back massage and a haircut because of the soothing and relaxing music. The relaxed atmosphere is carried on how they cut my hair, Ms. Lui really took time with my hair. Unlike other salons like Bench Fix or Ricky Reyes where stylists are rushing back and forth from one customer to another. I love how the stylist handled my hair and how they blowdry your hair gently, not the pulling and tagging thing. The massage was great too! I will definitely come back to Acqua Salon for a haircut but I’ll look for another spanking stylist.

Acqua Salon
Level 2, Mindanao Wing, Trinoma
near Nike and Avant Store


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  2. Anonymous says

    I love acqua salon as well. The price is right, the service amazing. 🙂


  3. Wow, you know the price for the services they had given you is lower compare to other branded salons. I would definitely visit this salon and your right about gays, I really like gays, to handle my hair style because they are more creative and imaginative, unlike some other girls (not all), imaginative and creativity seems very limited.


  4. I’m glad that Badet had such a good experience with Acqua Salon, but sadly, I can’t say the same for myself. It was just OUTRIGHT DESPICABLE. Unlike her, I got no head massages, back massages or iced tea, just a really horrible Wi Fi connection. But you know what? That’s fine. I’m commenting here to complain about three things. First, I had to call several times for several weeks to get an appointment with Mr. Narry Naraja, the stylist that I really came to this salon for. The moment I stepped inside, the snobby receptionist, looking down at me with a really haughty expression, forced another stylist on me (the most inexperienced one, according to their own pamphlet). After all the trouble I went through to secure an appointment with Mr. Naraja! And the worse part? Narry Naraja was JUST SITTING ON A CORNER. Yes, he was obviously available in the two hours I stayed there. Second, the stylist, Jun, wouldn’t even ask me what I wanted or at least tell me what the hell he was planning to do with my hair. He only criticized it, offered a pricey treatment, then snipped away. Third, the cut was so-so and definitely not what I wanted. I was treated like an intrusive beggar who couldn’t pay. I may only be sixteen, but I’m a customer. I don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I don’t care how affordable this salon is. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ACQUA SALON.


    Badet Reply:

    Aaaw, what a sad experience. I hope you can forward it Acqua Salon management so that they can do something about it.


  5. lorraine reyes says

    Im so disgusted! I was with my cousin and office mate today, July 27,Friday, for a hair treatment and hair cut. We have a very important luncheon meeting that we thought of going to your salon. We were there at 10AM but the salon was still closed. We waited for another 30 minutes but lo and behold nobody came or showed up to open. Are you guys still operating? According to your neighbor barbershop which is professionally punctual that you are suppose to be open at 10AM and your very much in operation. What happened????? I’m looking for a place to put this into blog…but i dont want to ruin your image and good reputation if ever you have one…Thank you so much!!!


  6. rinalyn dy says

    LUNCH BREAK: Finally, i found a proper place to ventilate my complaint. Ive been a loyal client for a good number of years..I am fully satisfied with my beautiful mistisa hairstylist. She’s indeed a skilled and superb! But your receptionist???….Train her to be a good desk officer. Her communication skill is poor, and her facial expressions are not too attractive to usher new as well as old clients. Well, probably i can only speak for myself, but my experience with her is so upsetting. She is not polite, courteous, modest,..in a nut shell, she is rude and have displayed behavior unbecoming of a receptionist both in personal and on phone. Thank you for listening to my grievances. Please don’t get me wrong, you have one of the best stylists in town but that employee can inhibit customers to experience the special touch, expertise and service of your salon. Thanks for listening. Good luck!!


  7. Acqua Salon says

    Dear C, Lorraine and Rinalyn,

    We apologize for contacting you just now. We were alerted by a customer to your messages.

    We are shocked to learn about your experience and hope you give us the opportunity to address and resolve the concern.

    May we request that we continue this discussion offline? You may reach us at acquasalontrinoma@gmail.com

    Thank you and warm regards,



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