5 Practices that makes your food taste like a pro chef

What really makes restaurant cooked food taste better than homemade food? Sometimes, no matter how much you have exercised in cooking a certain meal, it just doesn’t beat the food at your local restaurant. There are certainly some techniques that you can borrow from seasoned chefs to greatly improve your cooking. And no, you don’t need expensive utensils and kitchen appliances even though this play a major part in food presentation.

Below are 5 techniques that you can immediately employ in your cooking:


preparation chef

Just like in anything you set out to do, preparation is paramount for success. Most cooks have had a time when it was time to add capsicums or onions but wouldn’t because they had not been chopped in advance. The result is loss of flavor, burning or having to start afresh. As a good practice, always prepare everything you need in advance and set it aside.

Don’t worry about the dishes, you can always wash them. This way, you can concentrate on your recipe, adjust temperatures as required and generally enjoy the whole cooking process. Besides, preparation reduces anxiety and panic giving you time to produce the best food.



Having a proper food storage system is key in every home because there will always be left overs. If you are the kind of person who throws leftovers after meals, chances are you lack proper storage techniques.

Most people keep their leftovers in the fridge to preserve them. However, the fridge is not very efficient because air gets in when the fridge is opened and can easily leak to your food. Air is the number one factor for food decay because it aids the growth of bacteria in the food. That explains why food in the fridge eventually decays.

Your best option could be investing in an air-tight container such as a vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer completely seals your food, keeping out all the air and therefore preserving the food and all its flavors. You can check out this best vacuum sealer 2018 for more details.

Fresh ingredients


You are probably certain that fresh eggs make better meals than old eggs. Well, so is every other ingredient you use whether herbs or spices. When buying ingredients ensure you choose well, picking the freshest of them all.

For example, always choose fresh herbs over dried herbs because the flavor is different. For spices, get rid of every spice you have not used for a year now. The newer the spice in your cupboard the better it is likely to taste. As a good practice, make a habit of disposing spices that have been around for a while and replace them with newer ones.

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Develop your knife skills

knife skills

Have you ever visited a restaurant and wondered how or why chefs always cut everything into uniform neat pieces? They look good indeed. But that is not the only reason why. Uniform pieces cook evenly and at the same. This way, you don’t end up with some uncooked ingredients or some that have cooked too much.

Developing your knife skills will only happen through practice. Develop the discipline of cutting everything evenly every time and it will only be a matter of time before you become a pro. Evenly cooked food has a better texture and taste.

Use the right heat


Seasoned chefs are familiar with the kind of heat required to bring out every taste. Some foods become tastier when cooked in high heat while others are best cooked in medium heat. Whatever level of heat you choose, always be aware of what you expect at the end. For example, cooking vegetables in low heat will make them mush. On the other hand, low to medium heat produces tender foods especially meat. So how do you know the level of heat to use?

First off, do not be afraid to use high heat if you need to. Generally, low to medium heat will result in tender meat while high heat will produce a crispy brown crust as the outside cooks faster.

There is much more you can do to improve your cooking including using butter instead of cooking oil. But a good cook is one who is patient and open to new ideas. Food preservation is also paramount as cut it downs on wastage. Therefore, endeavour to properly store food in vacuum sealers for best results.

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