Planner Spotlight: 2020 Belle de Jour Power Planners + more Viviamo Planners

It’s just a few weeks away before 2019 ends and 2020 begins! How’s your 2019 so far bellas? Did things go as planned? Well, if things failed this year, what’s good about life is that we all have chances to try and make it right. If you’re successful with your goals this year, give yourself a tap on the back, congratulations! How about challenging yourself next year to do more? Yes, bella! You can do more, there’s a universe of possibilities inside you. “The Universe is in Me”, that’s the theme for 2020 Belle de Jour Power Planners.

2020 BDJ Power Planner Covers

This October, Viviamo!, Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is set to release a new line of products for their 2020 collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals for the year ahead.

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It features monthly activities that enable and challenge you to live life to the fullest. Also, weekly spreads provide enough space to write down lists, schedules, and even personal mantras.

The 2020 edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner includes 2020 Goals Pages to ensure that you would stay focused, motivated, and on the right track. Other special pages include a Dream Board, a gratitude grid, and a daily Law of Attraction schedule.

The Belle de Jour Power Planner comes in four distinct and beautifully-designed covers: BDJ Classic, BDJ DiscBound, BDJ Leather, and BDJ Limited Edition. Each BDJ Planner is sold for Php 598.

2020 BDJ Planner

For 2020, I think I like the BDJ Leather.

Viviamo has other planners for you to choose from:

Find Your Second Home with the Navi 2020 Planner, Php 598

Built for the adventurer, the Navi 2020 includes stories from 12 travel bloggers who candidly talk about the places they consider their second home. These anecdotes are designed to inspire and invite veteran and newbie travelers to seek out their own adventures.

2020 navi planner

Navi 2020 includes a bucket list page, itinerary spread, and several checklists to make sure that you have everything you need to explore and discover a new or familiar destination.

Attract Abundance with the Everything is Possible 2020 Planner, Php 598

Everything is Possible 2020 is equipped with special pages to help you set your goals, breaking them down into smaller chunks. The planner includes two 2020 Goals spreads, allowing you to list down tangible and actionable steps while setting deadlines for each.

everything is possible 2020 planner

Its cover features water-like elements, alluding to the ripple effect that one small action makes across a larger body of water.

Embrace Gratitude with the Focus 2020 Journal, Php 525

2020 focus journal

The team at Viviamo believes that gratitude is one of the most important attributes to a life of success. The Focus 2020 Journal achieves just that, with monthly spreads that feature eye-catching and thought-provoking typography. Monthly check-ups allow you the space to reflect on different aspects of life that you’re grateful for. The spacious weekly layout is designed to help you maximize the space for schedules and other events.

Zero In on What is Essential with the Essentials Planner, Php 300

2020 essentials planner

Minimalists will enjoy using Viviamo’s Essentials Planner. Its clean and no-nonsense dotted spreads are specially designed for bullet journaling and creative journaling. The planner comes in two covers: classic and pattern.

Each Viviamo 2020 planner is equipped with a Life Declarations page, with the intention of igniting your goals, dreams, and passions for the year ahead.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, trust that Viviamo has a planner specially made for you. Get ready to set your goals and have a meaningful year ahead.

Viviamo’s 2020 collection is available at Crazy About Paper. Shop for planners and journals at starting October 12. The planners will also be sold at all major bookstores starting October 2019.

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