The big siomai at The Big Little Store at Gilmore

The Big Little Store at Gilmore

I want to share with you a little secret, I found a Chinese restaurant that serves yummiest siomai in the most unassuming place, inside Gilmore IT Center. Gilmore is a haven for desktop and laptop computer shoppers because prices of computers are cheaper compared to malls. Many of us might think that going to Binondo is the best bet for Chinese dimsums and delicacies such as siomai. I thought so too, but when my husband, Jeff, and I visited Gilmore at Quezon City, we discovered and tasted our now favorite siomai at The Big Little Store at Gilmore. Jeff is not adventurous when it comes to Chinese food or any other cuisines so we ordered the safest in their menu, their siomai.

4 pcs. siomai for Php 56.00

At Php 56.00 per order, it has 4 huge pieces that surely filled us up. We poured chili sauce and soy sauce much to our liking, we like it spicy! The siomai has bits of mushrooms and shrimps in it that’s why it’s more tasty. One order is truly satisfying.

we want it spicy!

We will be visiting Gilmore again next week and I plan to try their fresh lumpia and other dishes. I hope they’re as good as their siomai.

The Big Little Store at Gilmore is located at the ground floor of Gilmore IT Center.

How to get there: Ride the LRT Line 3 (Purple Line), alight at Gilmore Station and walk towards the Gilmore IT Center.


  1. wow…that siomai surely looked yummy…siomai is really one of my favorites!


  2. yummy! I’ve always wanted to go to Gilmore, but I have yet to visit the place.. I’ve been “laptop window shopping” and my bf said I should check out Gilmore with him…

    Will probably lead him towards that restaurant!


  3. the_empr3ss says

    i love siomai…


  4. OMG! amigo! that’s so delicious-ooohhh! wee i love siomai a lot, gee! me drools over this yummy yum yum treat! im just one jeepney ride away from gilmore!!!!!! urghsss! im goin there!!!!lol


  5. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Hi Sunny, that’s great! After going to Gilmore, let me know if you enjoyed the food as much as I do. =)


  6. Siomai! Waaa! Gusto ko nyan kaya lang I’m broke right now 🙁


  7. gosh, i love siomai too! iba siomai dito kaya tuwing uuwi kami kumakain talaga ako nyan sa pinas. thanks for the tip badet! 🙂

    btw, I have a tag for you:


  8. hi badet,

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  9. makingahero says

    Really really yummy one…so delicious i think.


  10. makingahero says

    Hey i look your Blog quite interesting so i have added you in my Blog…so you also add me in your Blog.My friend, let us start sharing our experiences…ok Bye takecare..


  11. Hey you sound what i have done is that i have added your blog link to my friend you also add my link to your blog.let us share our experiences….ok friend see you in the next post bye takecare.


  12. gourmandtales says

    been a long time since i ate here, have to give it another shot again


  13. wow, those pictures o the siomai made my mouth water….


  14. gusto ko to 🙂



  1. […] is soft and huge. We are avid dimsum eaters and this siomai passed our tastebuds, just like our fave siomai place at Gilmore. The sesame oil’s smell on top of the siomai is overpowering and it can be served without […]

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