SATC spoiler: “Death in the City”

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And since I’m very very curious about the movie’s plot, I really want to have a clue on who’s going to die in SATC. Actress Cynthia Nixon confirmed that “a character dies in the movie.” After watching the full movie trailer on my previous post again, this maybe the reason why there’s a scene of a mobile phone being dropped… hmmm….

It can’t be Mr. Big, oh please, I’ve been waiting for Carrie and Big to be together again in the series and their romantic episode in Paris shouldn’t come to waste. Besides, the director Michael Patrick King said in an interview: ” Kill Mr. Big? I would have been chased around the planet by women with torches.” Haaay, at least Carrie and Big will have their happy ending after all.

So will it be Charlotte? (because of her pregnancy?) or Samantha (because of her breast cancer?)

Ugh…. few more days….

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  1. sayang, rumor has it that it won’t be shown here. buti na lang may internet 🙂


  2. wahahahahaha……gosh i cannot wait!! maloloka ako sa kakahintay sa SATC, kala ko may spoiler ka talaga so nag hesitate ako mag read sa post.

    hhhaaaiii few more days…sunday pa kase ang movie night ko w/ my friends.!!

    u gonna watch tom?


  3. Anonymous says

    Hi sis, have watched Satc and yes, someone did die, metaphorically though 😀

    _ zhel


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