On Boyet Fajardo and Bayani Agbayani YouTube videos

Boyet Fajardo Duty Free Philippines incident:

I’ve been seeing the name Boyet Fajardo this week, it’s a very common name that’s why I didn’t bother to google him. Until I saw the news on TV Patrol about the incident on Duty Free Philippines concerning none other than, Boyet Fajardo. Boyet Fajardo who??? Apparently, he’s a fashion designer whose real name is Angelino Boyet Fajardo, his RTW line is carried by popular department stores, Robinson’s Department Store, Landmark and SM. But what made him the talk of the town this week is his behavior gone berserk towards the staff of Duty Free Philippines. Just because the cashier followed a standard operating procedure on asking for an identification card when making credit card purchases, he suddenly went furious and made a scene. Well, he did made his way to stardom that day, fortunately, his act were caught on CCTV, uploaded on YouTube and caught the attention of the media.

You can read the whole incident here. Below shows the video caught on CCTV…

Bayani Agbayani Pier One incident:

The 8-minute video from YouTube showing the furious Bayani Agbayani at Pier One, The Fort was the hottest news in Showbiz News Ngayon earlier. Bayani Agbayani was recorded saying cuss words to the men at a parking lot at the Fort. From an interview, Bayani Agbayani admits that it’s his fault that he bumped the motorcycle of the man but they reached to a settlement at once. What made him angry is that the other companion who is not the owner of the vehicle provoked him. Watch the video of the very angry Bayani Agbayani below…


  1. Fjordan Allego says

    good thing that people do not just rely with the news from TV, radio and newspapers. Now, internet and blogs are getting the up-to-date details of the recent happenings.



  2. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    The power of the Internet. Actually, TV Patrol must have picked up the news on Boyet Fajardo from blogs because that’s where I read it 2 or 3 days prior to the news last night.


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