My kind of mix: Chicago Mix of Chicago Popcorn Shops

chicago popcorn shops1
Chicago Popcorn Shops, Mall of Asia

Tucked away from the busiest part of Mall of Asia, at the 2nd Floor of the Entertainment Mall, is one popcorn place waiting to be discovered. We are not aware what Chicago Popcorn Shops is, we only intend to check out if Team Manila has restocked their Eraserheads t-shirts. But the interesting and classy facade of Chicago Popcorn Shops made us pay the store a visit. And boy are we glad, Jeff and I were treated for a free sample of their freshly popped popcorn, “It’s the Chicago Mix, cheese and caramel popcorn combined, our bestseller!”, the storekeeper proudly announced. I popped the cheese-flavored one first, it’s surprisingly cheesy and the popcorn is soft. Next, I tried the caramel, it’s sweet and crunchy! The storekeeper told us that it’s best to pop the 2 flavors together, so Jeff and I obliged. This is where the magic happened, the marrying of the sweet and salty flavors is surprisingly just right. Nothing overpowers the sweetness or the saltiness of another. This is far better than Kettle Korn’s, it’s beyond compare as a matter of fact.

chicago popcorn shops4

Chicago Popcorn Shops tools of the trade

Chicago Mix of Chicago Popcorn Shops is like a gourmet popcorn. You can tell that they don’t scrimp on ingredients. According to the storekeeper, they don’t use cheese powder in their popcorns, they use melted cheese. The caramel popcorns don’t stick but each are perfectly covered with caramel.

chicago popcorn shops7

One tin of Chicago Mix, Php 280

We left the store with one tin can in tow, priced at Php 280. We’re advised to bring the empty tin on our next refill to get the discounted price of Php 200. What’s great is that we can customize our Chicago Mix, we can have it 70% caramel-30% cheese. In our case, we had 50% caramel-50% cheese.

chicago popcorn shops2

chicago popcorn shops3
sizes available

The tin is now empty after 2 short days, I can’t stop munching on it. The tin is on its way to the Chicago Popcorn Shops MOA on Saturday and I’m thinking of getting two tin cans at once. This gourmet popcorn joint did not disappoint.

Chicago Popcorn Shops
2nd Floor Entertainment Mall (near Team Manila)
Mall of Asia


  1. Helen Hunt says

    Nice blog you have here girl.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving a comment about the PayingPost issue.

    I will add your blog to my blogroll 🙂


  2. earthlingorgeous says

    Mahilig ka talagang kumain! Ahahahaha! Hey sis off-topic but in-case you called the havainas hotline to replace your havis and find the process inconvenient they changed it na so you can call again.

    In case you know Mommy Chickyz who prompted the change for complaining in my blog tell her about it too 🙂

    Havainas replacement process just got better


  3. Soapaholic says

    My mouth literally watered when I read your description. This popcorn looks delicious!


  4. Ate Sienna says

    gosh.. that literally made my mouth water! why the heck don’t they have that here?!?!?!?!


  5. sweet_shelo says

    wow,.. are those really pop corns? In tin can.. that’s quite interesting and besides i love popcorn. definitely I must look for that when I visit there..

    Thanks for sharing..

    btw, sis can we exchange links..


  6. fortuitous faery says

    it really is a "chicago thing," the cheese & caramel mix. but if you actually go to chicago, the popcorn brand they swear by is garrett’s.

    interesting shops out there in MOA…di ko pa yan nalilibot ng buo, kulang isang araw! hehe.


  7. Gorgeous MUM says

    hello there! i’m back!


  8. u8mypinkcookies says

    love it too 🙂 too bad they only have 1 branch. dadayuhin pa dapat sa MOA.


  9. Style and Relax says

    Wow melted cheese + popcorn, i want to try! 😀


  10. bakit paran hindi naman melted cheese noong bumili ako sa kanila? it looks and tastes like the normal cheese powder, honestly. the caramel however was really good. hindi ko ma-describe masydo but it’s different in such a way that it’s not too sweet and kinda creamy crumbly not like the sticky saccharine sweet caramel popcorn


  11. aBIGwhale says

    on the rare occasion that i eat popcorn, that’s what i do, pop 2 of a kind ^_^

    well, adding this to the list of things to try when I visit MOA again =]


  12. makes me crave for popcorn, will check the place when we go to MOA.


  13. Edelweiza says

    hindi ako mahilig sa popcorn pero mukhang ansarap nga minsan. btw, ok mga photos mo ha. like them. 🙂


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