Melamine found in White Rabbit candies

With the melamine scare spreading around the globe, we should all be wary not just with milk products but also with other milk-based products. In Singapore, the White Rabbit candy was found to be contaminated with melamine. Two other brands, Dutch Lady strawberry-flavoured milk and Yili Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yoghurt Flavoured Ice Confection, have been found to contain melamine as well. I’m not sure if the two latter candies are available in the Philippines, but White Rabbit is widely sold in groceries and sari-sari stores.

I think the news pertains to the White Rabbit candy from China that’s been in the news in the past because they contained formalin. Geez, China should better clean their act because this “Made in China” scare is not doing any good to the health of people all over the world.


  1. Bronze Goddess says

    really? OMG! That’s crazy I love white rabbit! oh no! found you on the pinaybloggers 🙂 here’s my main blog Earthly Explorations So you are just near Trinoma, maybe we can meet for lunch or at Starbucks one time 🙂


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