Looking for Christmas gifts for your parents?

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s crunch time for shopping for gifts for our loved ones. Shopping gifts for kids is quite easy, there are lots of toys and kiddie clothes out there, and they come cheap too! It’s those gifts for adults that can be quite challenging, considering the price and the choices. Of course, we want our gifts to be unique too, not the usual dress/shirts, bags and wallets from the mall. One perfect gift for our parents are these holiday frames from Zenni Optical. They are useful and affordable for just $8 for prescription eyeglasses. You can be spared from the crowded malls because you can order it online and will be delivered at your doorstep. Our parents will remember us every time they pick up the glasses when they read the paper in the morning or watch the news on TV in the evening.

Titanium Frame from Zenni Optical
I chose this Pure Titanium Half Rim Frame for my father, it will fit him perfectly. He doesn’t wear his eyeglasses often, only when he needs to check if his numbers won the lottery, haha! And more often than not, he just borrows my mother’s eyeglasses because his eyeglasses is tucked somewhere inside his suitcase.

Rimless Metal Frame from Zenni Optical
And this Rimless Metal Frame for my mother, I love the color and the simple detail of this eyeglass. She sometimes wants to color coordinate everything she wears and I’m sure she’ll be happy to add color to her eyeglasses too.

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