Is mineral makeup right for you?

Mineral makeup (MMU) is becoming a trend nowadays because it promises benefits for your skin aside from it being natural. I tried it a couple of times, some of my MMU are bought online and some are freebies from online sellers. I usually apply MMU when I’m at home, haha. But I’m a loose powder, cheek tint and lipstick person only, period. I found this quiz from and the result says that I can live without Mineral makeup. Here’s my result:

Mineral makeup might not be your cup of tea for a variety of reasons. True minerals are often formulated without binding agents so if you associate the words “loose pigment” with “my own personal hell,” mineral makeup will definitely annoy you. And like conventional makeup,” reflective materials such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide give sparkle to mineral makeup,” says Dallas-based dermatologist Dr. Erin M. Welch. So if you’d rather look matte than have a subtle sheen, minerals might not be for you. Also, your normal skin type doesn’t necessarily need special treatment (as in, you don’t have to avoid preservatives found in regular makeup), so no need to switch to minerals. And above all, true mineral makeup can be expensive, which may not fit the budgets of most women who land in this category — so spend your money elsewhere.

Take this quiz too: Is mineral makeup right for you?


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