Hooters Philippines

This has been a long overdue post, we visited Hooters on May 1, 2008 just to catch the Hooters girls from the US before going back to the US. So yeah, here it goes. After months of waiting, hubby got excited after hearing the news that Hooters Philippines is now open in San Miguel by the Bay, at the back of Mall of Asia. Since it’s a holiday, a few of our “male” officemates tagged along (of course!). Out of curiosity and eager to know what a Hooters restaurant and “girls” look like, off we went albeit the distance from Quezon City. After a long walk inside the mall area, we crossed the street to San Miguel by the Bay and walked to the end of the strip of restaurants leading to Hooters. The place was packed with customers and girls wearing those either white or black tank tops tucked in with a very-very short orange shorts. Apparently, those girls wearing black tank tops are the Hooters girls from the US and those wearing white tank tops are the Manila Hooters girls. The restaurant looks busy as girls are always hurrying themselves taking orders, serving the food and entertaining the customers. Entertaining means posing for the cameras whenever guests asked them to and doing their dance/song number every 30 minutes. Of course, guests were very eager to take pictures with the US Hooters girls than the Manila Hooters girls. We enjoyed watching the US Hooters girls perform their dance/song number, the girls from Manila were shy and if they happen to dance or sing, we noticed that they’re not doing their best.

Hooters girls from the US

Hooters girl, Heather, performing

The food’s taste is so-so considering the price. Their famous Chicken Wings is Php 375.00 for 10 pcs. The Blue Cheese Burger I ordered is a little bit on the dry side. Their french fries definitely needs some salt.

Manila Hooters girls

The Manila Hooters girls definitely needs some more training not only when doing the dance/song numbers. The most important thing they need to know is customer service. I remember one girl called me as “Ate”. My officemate and I can’t help but laugh about it, it’s as if we’re eating in some “carinderia” to be called as “Ate” instead of Ma’am.

So don’t be a brat okay?

Nonetheless, the Hooters experience was fun as we experienced something new in our dining escapades. But when asked if we’ll come back to Hooters again by any chance, the answer is No. Especially now that the US Hooters were gone and all that’s left are the not-so-attractive girls (see the picture) and the food is far from special.

Souvenir shirts featuring their slogan, “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”


  1. they called u ate? OMG, they definitely need more training!!! or makeover. ahaha



  2. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    a makeover? definitely! hahha


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  4. PinoyRak says

    LOL @ you being called ate. Like “Ate extra rice pa?” at a carinderia. I guess our own Hooters girls are hired from carienderias. Heheh.

    Btw, that dude above my comment is everywhere promoting that site. Geez.. It gets a little annoying.


  5. infinity8 says

    How about the price? 😀


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