Complimentary drink from Starbucks

What a great way to start my morning! On my way to work, I stopped by Starbucks at Sykes Bldg. along Quezon Ave for my Hungarian Sausage fix. And the barista immediately informed me that I get a complimentary drink on my next visit and after answering their survey. I am aware of this survey thingie after reading it from fellow Starbucks addicts blog but I’m not expecting to get one since I’m not lucky on every raffle, contests that I join.

Of course, upon reaching the office, I eagerly answered the online survey, and got my complimentary beverage ID for my FREE tall drink… yey!!


  1. Ughh… I was hoping you’d leave the link to the survey so we could get a free drink too.


  2. What was the free drink? Did you get to choose it? I took the survey, too, but am afraid the free drink will be a coffee (I only do their cream frappacinos)!


  3. Hi. Question: do you need to claim it during the same time you made a purchase? Like, I got the customer voice receipt at 11 pm. Do I need to go to Starbucks at 11 pm again to claim the free drink, or is it anytime within the 14-day period?


    Badet Reply:

    anytime within the 14 day period.


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