Chocolate Ganache for your lips

While I was surfing over at Multiply, I found this site selling different lip balms and other beauty products. But one product caught my fancy, it’s the Ganache for Lips. Sounds intriguing, huh? SO I searched it over at Google and found their site: Ganache for Lips. It’s an all-natural lip balm and doesn’t use the usual inexpensive petroleum products nor those artificial flavors and colors. It uses highest quality all-natural and unrefined ingredients from botanical sources.

Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate-Mint, and Chocolate Raspberry: $4.00 each

Enough of the geeky part, chocolate lovers like me will definitely enjoy swiping this mini-treat because it contains real Scharffen Berger Chocolate. I’m not familiar with the chocolate brand, but heck, it still is CHOCOLATE!!

I already emailed one of the online retailers in the US because the Multiply seller is selling it for a steep price. I’m hoping that it would be cheaper if I buy this online in the US and hopefully will not get lost in the mail.


  1. s d n e w says

    RYC: hahaha! oo! sinabi mo pa!!! they should get a life of their own at yun nalang pakialamanan nila.. hahaha! 😀


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