Taking a break: time for some random tags

I got this award from Aprilheart.

Now, about some Random Things About Me, let’s see:

1. I am extremely bored with my current job.
2. There’s so many things I like to do like concentrating on my business, join a bazaar, indulge in new crafts, go back to Hongkong…
3. I badly want to move to our new place, unfortunately, we can’t afford the cost of a contractor to do the house interiors.
4. I can stay up late at night, but it’s very difficult for me to wake up early.
5. I love a very sour Sinigang na Miso.
6. I lost interest in collecting Havaianas.
7. My enthusiasm on things is only short-lived.
8. I love fashion, but not to the last detail. More often than not, I knew the latest in fashion before someone thought of selling it in stores.
9. I am not a downright religious person, but I love God and live according to His words.
10. I wish to help and join some charity works this year.

I’m also tagging these wonderful people I met through blogging: Jhanna, Marly, Vhiel, April, Abi

Another tag I got is from Abi:

A. Attached or single ? — attached
B. Best friend? — my husband,Jeff
C. Cake or pie? — cake
D. Day of choice? — Saturday
E. Essential item? — my PC with internet connection, camera..
F. Favorite color? — pink
G. Gummy bears or worms? — I don’t like any one of them
H. Hometown? — Manila
I. Favorite indulgence? — hmmm…. a spa/salon treatment
J. January or July? — January
K. Kids? — none
L. Life isn’t complete without? — Jeff =)
M. Marriage date ? — January 25, 2007
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? – none
O. Orange or apple? — orange
P. Phobias? – spiders, eeeek!
Q. Quotes? — Live, laugh, love
R. Reasons to smile? — every waking day is a reason to smile
S. Season of choice? – summer
T. Tag 5 people – same people I tagged above, Jhanna, Marly, Vhiel, April, Abi
U. Unknown fact about me? – That I’m lazier
V. Vegetable ? — cabbage
W. Worst habit? — being hot-headed and a procrastinator
X. X-ray or ultrasound? – ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food(s)? – chocolates and pizza
Z. Zodiac sign — Scorpio

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. hello Badet, salamat sa tag..will work on these soon.


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