iAcademy: The game changer of education

Unemployment rate in the Philippines is very high, it’s a sad hard truth that even college graduates can not find a job right after they graduate. Yet, we hear news from the government that there are a number of employment opportunities since there are additional number of investors coming to our country. Unfortunately, those job opportunities does not answer the needs of fresh graduates. Some are not hired because their skills are not fit to the job opportunity, some job positions are left vacant because there are no competent individuals to fill the part.

Every year, we have a fresh batch of engineers, nurses, computer professionals, but do they have what it takes to take on the demands of their chosen career? Based on high unemployment rate, maybe not. Then it’s time to retrace our steps and think the cause of this dilemma, the college education.

We have all gone through college and we all know the process, minor subjects during the first 2 years and then major subjects for the next 2 or more years, on-the-job training, thesis, then graduate. Most colleges and universities follow this but one educational institution stands out from the rest, the Information and Communications Technology Academy or iAcademy.

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iAcademy Makati

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