Do you want to taste Chowking’s Chunky Asado Siopao?

When I first saw the raves online about Chowking’s Chunky Asado Siopao, I got curious on how it is different from the asado siopao I used to love at Chowking. In addition to that, their #BuksanParaMalaman tagline is so challenging.

But thanks to Stratworks and Chowking, they must have heard my tummy grumble earlier and Chowking’s Chunky Asado Siopao were delivered to my office earlier.

chowking chunky asado siopao

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Fastfood delivery hotline numbers in Metro Manila

I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) since my maternity leave, and one thing I miss is the food trips I have with Jeff after office hours. My food cravings will be immediately satisfied because we can always drive at any restaurant at whim. But being at home, I can only dream and salivate over delicious foods because I can’t go out anytime and leave the baby. Problem solved with food delivery! However, I’m skeptic about having food delivered at our house in Caloocan because it’s difficult to locate, but after a few tries and detailed instructions, food came right to our doorstep.

Below are some fast food delivery hotline numbers for different restaurants around Metro Manila, feel free to add and suggest contact numbers not included in the list:

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