Kalibo airport to Caticlan via Southwest Tours

If you want a comfortable ride from Kalibo airport to Caticlan when going to Boracay, try Southwest Tours coasters. They are priced higher than the normal vans and L300s, Php 300 for the coaster ride to Caticlan plus the boat ride to Boracay. You have to shoulder the terminal fee, Php 50, and Php 75, environmental fee.

Southwest Tours Boracay

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Travel plans this 4-day long weekend

Where are you heading this 4 day long weekend? Upon President PNoy’s announcement making October 31, 2011a special holiday, I’m sure a lot of people checked some destinations in and out of the country. My officemates checked out some airline promos from different websites to look for cheap Asian country flights and some local destinations. Unfortunately, most airlines and hotels also consider this long weekend as peak season so rates are higher than usual. If PNoy already announced holidays earlier, itchy feet Pinoys should have planned their travels wisely, now this is what I miss about President GMA, being generous with special holidays :p.

As for our family, we are Aklan and Boracay-bound! I am looking forward for a weekend of beach, sun (I hope!) and sand!

see you in Boracay!

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The Top 3 Villa Rentals for Family Getaways in France

In the old-world cities of France, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed by the depth of character and culture displayed in this scenic country. For families that are looking to find a comfortable getaway, though, France offers a number of choice locations well-suited to a number of guests.

View of 32 Rue du Four, a luxury villa in Paris, France

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Ikea chocolates

A food discovery this good deserves a spotlight. I first picked up just 3 pieces of these right after I paid for my purchases at Ikea. Good thing my friend, Janet, also bought 2 bars and opened it for us to taste. Jeff liked the taste and gave me a go signal to hoard, yipeee! For you info, Jeff is like a police whenever I buy chocolates, I always end up buying too little sweets when he’s around, hehehe.

Ikea Chocolates

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Ikea Restaurant and Cafe

When we visited Ikea at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, we thought that Ikea food is all about their famed Swedish meatballs. So when I saw the humongous Ikea restaurant in Singapore, I got too excited I almost forgot that Ikea is a furniture/home store and not mainly a restaurant. The yummy and affordable Ikea food is just a bonus…

Ikea Singapore menu

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Roomorama: home away from home

On our recent Singapore trip, we’re lucky to have a free accommodation courtesy of our friends, they let us stay in their apartment for 5 days. This made our trip worry free and economical too because we saved a lot from paying hotel accommodations. And considering the high cost of living in Singapore, hotel accommodation is relatively expensive too.

But if we don’t have dear friends in Singapore, I would have considered staying in one of the apartments listed at Roomorama.com. Roomorama has a number of listings for apartment rentals that are quite affordable, and being travelers who indulge on living like a local, it would be a nice experience for us.


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