Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese

While at the 4th level of Trinoma on our way to Mexicali, I noticed a long queue of people just beside the carousel and found out that it’s for Happy Lemon. They now have a branch in Trinoma. And to satisfy my curiosity on why Happy Lemon is called World’s Yummy Drinks, I have to fall in line and try the famous Rock Salt and Cheese variants.

Happy Lemon Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, large, Php 100

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Gasthof, Home of Boracay’s Famous Baby Back Ribs

When in Boracay, do not miss eating at Gasthof for their baby back ribs! You won’t miss Gasthof because it’s a beachfront restaurant, and is located just at the entrance of D’Mall.

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Real Coffee, Boracay

When in Boracay, eating at Real Coffee is a must. Well, that’s what all of other food bloggers say because in here, you’ll find the famous calamansi muffins. It’s really unique and quite intriguing, so I’m also one of those who searched for Real Coffee in Station 1 one morning after a swim near the grotto.

look out for this sign just near the Havaianas store in Station 1

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Gong Cha wish your milk tea is yummy like this

Apologies for the corny title but after tasting Gong Cha milk tea, I bet you’ll be singing a happy tune too. After Serenitea and Chatime, I can say that Gong Cha is the best milk tea place in town. I got acquainted with Gong Cha when we were in Singapore last July, people lined up at Gong Cha to have their milk tea fix. And because the lines are always long, I wasn’t able to try it.

Manila got caught up in the milk tea craze too and so Gong Cha is finally here…

Gong Cha

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Figaro’s rice meals

We were passing time in Starmall, Las Pinas last month and since it’s dinner time, we decided to look for a place to eat. Aside from the usual fastfood, we saw that Figaro serves rice meals.

Tapa meal

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Sumo meals at Sumo Sam

We were able to use a Sumo Sam voucher from CashCashPinoy last month. Good thing they have a branch at ELJ Building, ABS-CBN compound so we had our lunch. We were quite intimated to dine here before because meals might be expensive, so using the voucher is great savings.

Posh Sumo Sam interiors

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