A “spa retreat” at Blue Water Day Spa

A “spa retreat”, that’s what I want to call the experience when you have your massage at Blue Water Day Spa’s Capitol Hills branch. One doesn’t have to go for a 2-hour drive to Tagaytay just to “escape”  and relax from the stress of living in the city. Just visiting the Capitol  Hills branch will bring you to a different atmosphere, a relaxing retreat. You’ll see greens provided by the golf course nearby and fresh breeze because of the strategic elevated location of the spa. Watching the sunset is another relaxing experience aside from having a spa.


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On online shopping and unknown callers

Ever since I started my online shop, Pink Fortune, I get to receive text messages from unknown numbers of prospective buyers. Naturally, I gladly entertained all their inquiries for me to have a successful transaction with them. Online shopping in the Philippines is still at an early stage because a lot of people are still hesitant to use their credit cards online and are still not comfortable of having to wait for their items to be delivered via courier. Albeit the comfort online shopping brings, a lot of consumers prefer to shop in the malls or have them delivered via COD. Some marketing strategies can be sometimes annoying too like calling you and offering you to buy their items. A friend tried to report telemarketers once to PLDT but to no avail. Another reason that hinders online shopping in the Philippines to soar is due to scammers. I need not elaborate on those sellers in Multiply who turned out to be scammers because it’s been happening for years now. As a seller, I have my fair share of scammers online. Yes, even online sellers can be scammed and harrassed.

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Visita Iglesia and The President’s Tea House

I spent Maundy Thursday together with Nanay visiting churches or what they call Visita Iglesia. This is a popular tradition in the Philippines during Maundy Thursday, during which people will visit church/churches and do the Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross. This is done to recall the sufferings of Jesus Christ during the last few hours of His death.

holy cross

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To jog or to walk?

Original plan was to jog around UP Sunken Garden. First time to jog again after 8 months. 8 months ago, I was going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week but laziness hit me after a few months so I’m back with an inactive lifestyle. Since its January and like any other New Year’s resolutions, I started my resolution to “Move more and exercise” routine by jogging around UP after work. I ended up brisk walking almost 3/4 of the trail. After the first round at the UP Oval, Jeff and I feasted on yummy street foods, quail eggs (tokneneng) and siomai. What a great way to start a healthy and active lifestyle eh? So the question is,to jog or to walk or to eat?

sugar free, originally uploaded by wander_girl.

Belle de Jour Planners arrived

As early as October, I am anticipating the planner I’m using for the year 2009, the Belle de Jour Power Planner. And just last week, I got the 4 planners I ordered. It took some time for the planners to arrive because of the enormous orders received from fabulous ladies around the world. I didn’t get the chance to get the Philosophy by Mikaela discount card for the first 1000 customers to accomplish payment though.

planners were sent via Air21

4 Belle de Jour Power Planners!!

includes a mini-notebook for you to doodle

What makes the Belle de Jour Planner more interesting is the variety of coupons included in the planner. From Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Celine, Ace Water Spa, Freeway, etc., you’ll surely get your money’s worth. I’m particularly happy with the 10% discount I’ll be getting at All Flip Flops, which means a discounted Havaianas for me.

discount coupons included in the planner

colorful pages for your colorful life

I’m definitely impressed with the planner, so you better grab one now too! You can still order online or catch the BDJ team on bazaars around the metro. The planner is Php 598. I’m cooking up something for readers of this blog. Hopefully, I can finalize everything so that readers can have a chance to own one Belle de Jour Planner 2009!

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