Another Restaurant City addict

Aside from me, there’s another Restaurant City addict in our household. And that’s my husband, Jeff. For the last week, he was playing Restaurant City using my account. He even arranged my restaurant city layout. After some prodding on a Sunday morning, he finally gave in and started his own game. He began a little before noon and at night time, his restaurant is at Level 7. That fast! I wasn’t able to play yesterday but it’s okay, I got a new free ingredient again because of new players like my husband, hehe…

Jeffs Restaurant City Level 7

Jeff's Restaurant City Level 7

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Recommended Restaurant City layouts

Facebook has gained its cult following just like other social networking sites. But what makes it a notch higher is with the inclusion of games courtesy of One addictive game is Restaurant City, a simulation game wherein you build your own restaurant, cook and maintain your restaurant. Think of Diner Dash meets The Sims. I know I’m quite a late-bloomer in joining the RC-bandwagon but I’m definitely catching up. Let me show you my Restaurant City layout of my Deliciosa restaurant below, there’s still nothing much on it since I don’t have enough Restaurant City coins to buy fancy decorations, tables and chairs.

my restaurant layout in Restaurant City

my restaurant layout in Restaurant City

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I switched! Blogspot to WordPress migration

Wordpress logo

I am happy to announce that is now I’ve been contemplating about it since November of last year, but I don’t know where to start on getting my own domain and web hosting. Some advices I got from the comments is to get a Filipino web host so that communication during site downtimes is easier. Besides, let us support our own Filipino web hosts because I believe Pinoys are one of the best web hosts in the world. My other dilemma at that time was on how I will move my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. I love Blogspot because it’s free but a lot of bloggers swears by WordPress for the endless things that you can do on your blog. And guess what, I’m a WordPress convert now! My decision was influenced by Earth and Mommy Ruby who promised that the migration will be easy as pie, and for a technically-challenged person like me, that’s all I need to hear.

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SlogBite: see the best before the rest

Want to increase your site’s exposure and drive more traffic to your site? Then, SlogBite is for you. It will be officialy launched on March 1, 2009 and it will be fun to be part of the first members of SlogBite. Why the name Slogbite? Here’s why:

I have a real problem with sites that try to dictate what is a blog and what isn’t a blog. The lines between site and blogs have gotten more and more blurry as of late. As a blogger myself I like to expand the horizons of what is possible and I don’t want to be constrained. I feel that most bloggers are the same way. Getting back to the name; you take the first letter of “Blog” and the first letter of “Site” transpose them and then combine the two words and you come up with “SlogBite.” To me a SlogBite is a web presence.

Joining is easy, just fill out an entry form, choose if you want to belong in the “A”list or “B” list. I’m an A-lister so I have to install a SlogBite widget on my sidebar, for the B-listers, a SlogBite badge just like I used above should be installed. See my SlogBite widget just below my chatbox on the sidebar, isn’t it pretty? Well, widgets and badges are colorful and users can choose one that’s appropriate for their sites. What’s even nice with SlogBite is that you can list your blog or sites in two or more categories as long as the category is fit to your blog. Just follow the instructions on how to add your sites into specific categories. The site has a number of categories and a regional blog listing too, you can also request for a specific category if the list is not enough.

Technical support is fast, Mel Kaye answered my email just few seconds after sending it. I hope they can improve the site’s interface though, especially the Tag Cloud because it takes so much space in the page. Overall, the site looks promising on helping sites/blogs to socialize, drive traffic and maximize exposure.

See yah at SlogBite! And oh, please don’t forget to put me on your Referring Site URL:

What happened to Google?

As I was doing my routine Internet surfing hours ago, I got alarmed when all of my searches in Google showed the warning: “This site may harm your computer”, in Filipino (“Ang site na ito ay maaaring makasama sa computer mo”). Duh? I checked some of the sites and these are the usual sites I visit but only just now it showed a malware warning. I used Yahoo on my searches and none of the search results showed “This site may harm your computer” warning.

At first, I thought it’s my computer having a virus but it’s a glitch on Google’s part. Apparently, problems occurred on their malware filters, being down. Good thing Google is up again! Back to regular surfing!

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