My C-lium Lose More, Live More journey starts now

Ever since I gave birth (that’s one-and-half years ago), I never came back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And to make it worse, it seems that my weight is going anything but up. I always make this an excuse, “I’m a mommy and I need to eat to keep up with the demands of my toddler”.

Jeff already pointed out this to me, “We need to start living healthier so that we can live longer to witness and enjoy the growing up years of our daughter.”

We tried starting a healthy lifestyle by running and eating more healthy food. Unfortunately, the accessibility of fastfood and being lazy got us back into junk-food-eating-couch-potatoes.

Last month, I was invited to be part of the Bloggers’ Edition of C-lium Lose More, Live More program. Selected bloggers are challenged on a one-month weight loss and special prizes will be given to those with the biggest drop in BMI, bad cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. I’m really not after the prizes but I joined because I think I really need this as motivation for me to start on a healthy lifestyle again.

Challenge Accepted!

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No downtimes with Playtex Gentle Glide tampons

I’ve been a sanitary napkin user ever since I got my period. Tampons were very alien to me and I got all the wrong information then. But post-pregnancy and some hormone-craziness, I tried Playtex Gentle Glide tampons for the solution to my problem. I’m thankful that I decided to give it a try, my life has never been the same.

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Raw revolution with Qplus Multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract

Today, more and more people are into health and wellness. More people are involved into sports and a lot of people are starting to eat more healthy choices. It’s great that we now have plenty of options, whether we want our fruits and vegetables organic or our diets must be low in carbohydrates, etc.

Between my husband and I, he is the one who is into healthy living. We reserve our Fridays as our cleansing day because our lunch will be salad from the organic market near our office. He would often buy fruit shakes instead of colas and flavored juices. He believes in the health benefits of RAW food, but no, not raw fish or meat, it’s raw fruits and vegetables.

I once watched an episode in Oprah years ago about eating raw food. The concept is that by simply cooking the food, most of its nutrients and vitamins are lost. By eating raw, the vitamins and nutrients are all intact.

This is why Qplus is proud to carry Vital Code raw multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract.

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The New Way of Getting Healthy

Gaining weight is the one of the problems mostly women and even men too are facing of. That is because, aside from the extra weight that a person has, they can also get varieties of diseases that soon may kill them if not prevented. Thus, most of them or perhaps almost all of them are willing to try out all possible ways in losing excess fat in their body.

Being fat doesn’t mean you’re healthy, and being thin doesn’t mean sexy. A person is considered healthy if he or she is capable of doing things while not getting tired easily, or in other words- he or she is “physically fit”. One of the factors a person can be called a healthy reflects on what type of lifestyle he has.

Are you familiar with the saying, “You are what you eat?” That is one should people consider the most in terms of choosing proper lifestyle if they want to live happily. Being physically fit may be difficult at first but as soon as you start making changes in your life, you’ll then see how it saves you from harmful diseases.

There are plenty of ways on how to lose unwanted fats yet only few ones are proven effective. Exercising is one of the ways most body builders recommend to people and it also comes with proper diet too. Of course, it is difficult for fat ones to achieve it directly but good thing that Vi challenge is here to help out those people who badly needs help in terms of weight loss.

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Watsons provides quality health care with Buy Generics and Save and NOW Foods

Watsons is Asia’s No. 1 pharmacy brand and I’m glad to know that they are now offering more health options for the Filipinos. Based on a recent study, health is among the top three concerns among Filipinos together with work-life balance and job security. But we all know that health management is very expensive. Bawal magkasakit, as what a multivitamin commercial said. Some would even save their money and not even buy multivitamins or supplements, they cannot afford to spend a few pesos and rather use it for their family. And when they do get sick, others would resort to self-medication or non-compliance of the prescribed medicines simply because they can’t afford the medicines given by their doctors.

Watsons Buy Generics Counter

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Meyerf Travel Pack: a must when travelling

Do you carry medicines with you when travelling or just whenever you leave the house? I do. I just carry a few for hyperacidity, headaches and LBM, and I also include my vitamins. Whenever I’m travelling locally, I also bring pretty much the same medicines but it depends on how many number of days I’ll be away. For international trips, I also make sure to add some pain relievers (for pains due to too much walking) and also Bengay. I remember the last time we were in Singapore and my Aunt needed to buy pain relievers, turns out that it’s not available there so she was forced to settle with another brand which she’s not familiar with.

This is why it’s very important to bring a medicine kit when travelling, include that on your things-to-bring when packing. To make life easier, Meyerf, a Filipino pharma company, introduced Meyerf Travel Pack. It’s a small medicine kit that houses all the 6 essential medicines like paracetamol, ascorbic acid, loperamide, mefenamic acid and carbocisteine. Fortunately, Meyerf Travel Pack takes the guesswork out of bringing the essential medicines when travelling.

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