A Certified Foodie!

*This is my entry to Certified Foodies First Anniversary Giveaway contest.

My love affair with food started a long time ago. I’m not a picky eater when I was a child, I ate chicken feet, balut, fishballs, veggies, etc… My love for food carried on until now, whenever I read some raves of a particular food or resto, I make it a point to taste and experience them. Being a foodie is one expensive hobby I tell you, here in my blog, the food and restaurant reviews written here are unbiased because I wrote them as a paying customer.

So for the love of food, I’m sharing this photo of me feasting on Wingman Buffalo wings! I tried making it at home using McCormick mix, and tried the buffalo wings of other restos but I still go back to Wingman.

Hmmm, let me try the Buffalo Wings recipe from Certified Foodies.

The best way to enjoy food is to eat with your bare hands

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I won an Ipod Nano

Last Monday seems to be a lucky day for me. You see, I often join online contests, any contests with easy mechanics like retweeting, posting on FB, commenting and anything that only requires a minute or two. But with dozens of contests I joined, I seldom win. One contest I joined was Technoodling.net and Beyond the Box Ipod Nano giveaway, and I’m one of the three winners!

Ipod Nano giveaway (image from Technoodling)

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I’m voting for Green M&M’s!

It’s not a secret that I love chocolates! And M&M’s is one of my all time favorite chocolates, it’s fun peeking into the package and see those little nibbles in a spectrum of colors. What’s your favorite M&M’s hue? Mine is GREEN!

Vote for Ms. Green!

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Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Being a Nuffnanger has plenty of perks and benefits, aside from the money earning opportunities they provide for bloggers, it also gives a chance for bloggers to interact with the community with its events. Nuffnang also taps the creativity and continuous to inspire bloggers with their contests, challenging every bloggers to champion their writing skills and multimedia talents. Nuffnang also gives back with their charitable efforts to the less fortunate. Clearly, Nuffnang is a first class ad network when it comes to supporting Filipino bloggers.

Hapee, under the Lamoiyan Corporation, is a Filipino brand that is also slowly making its name to other countries. I once saw on TV that the factory where Hapee toothpastes were made employs hearing-impaired individuals. This made me support this brand years ago. And just like Nuffnang, Hapee is also first class when it comes to uplifting Filipino products and in supporting the community of our hearing-impaired Filipinos.

This post is for my entry to the Nuffnang-Hapee special movie screening.

Nuffnang Happee Special Movie Screening


9 years of being a couple, from the struggles of college life to the transition of joining the rat race after graduation…

3 years of blissful married life, our lives together spent with friends travelling and savoring the best life has to offer…

Jeff & Badet

We were blessed, so blessed that every time I pray at night, I couldn’t think of anything to ask but to thank the Lord for everything and let Him guide and decide what’s best for us.

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Solo’s Larry Alcala Collection and a chance to be next Solo’s model

Solo is one local retailer that I often go to when I want to buy vintage shirts and simple but edgy outfits. Now, in honoring Filipino artists and imbibing the Filipino spirit to younger generation, Solo launches its newest collection, Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection featuring Larry Alcala’s work, Slice of Life.

Solo Pinoy Memorabilia Collection

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