South Forbes Golf City My Dream Home Promo

When you’re in Station 1 in Boracay, I’m sure you won’t miss the inviting and refreshing facade of Astoria Boracay. I was wowed with the resort and vowed to stay there on my next visit to Boracay. I even chatted with the resort’s agent and learned that Astoria Boracay’s developer is Cathay Land, Inc. And if I was impressed with Astoria Boracay’s development, I should check out South Forbes Golf City in Metro Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

At first, I thought it’s like a resort like Astoria but I found out that it’s a real estate development with a themed community. I browsed for their projects and I was struck by one of the house models in Phuket Mansions.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my dream home and I’ll be dreaming of this from now on…

My South Forbes Golf City dream home is the Chakri House from Phuket Mansions

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Top Commentator for October is…

Sorry for the late posting. We were away for the halloween and still on a vacation mode. But blogging must continue to earn moolah. And before anything else, I want to congratulate October’s Top Commentator, she garnered 62 comments for the whole month.

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Be the Top Commentator this October and receive a prize!

I’m feeling generous these days and I want more interaction with my readers this time. I hope you guys will be active in commenting on this blog because the Top Commentator this October will win a Hello Kitty Body Splash from H&M and a charm bracelet from my online shop, Pink Fortune.

Be the Top Commentator this October and win these!

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Kenkoy Dogtag necklace winner!

Thank you to all those who joined the giveaway. It’s my first time to use Rafflecopter and it was a breeze. I got 82 entries and the winner was drawn via

Congrats sis Mitch!

I’ll ship your Kenkoy Dogtag necklace from Solo!

Meanwhile, please comment on my posts because I’ll be having a prize for the Top Commentator this October.

Giveaway alert: Win a Kenkoy Dogtag necklace

I just got my Kenkoy striped graphic tee in black and I love it. Although, I got the men’s shirt because the largest size for ladies which is  XL is still snug at the tummy. So I got the XS from the men’s shirts.

Kenkoy Striped Graphic Tee, I got the black one

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Biogesic Giveaway winners

I got my Biogesic gift pack last week, thanks to Unilab! And now, the 5 lucky readers who joined the giveaway who will also get Biogesic gift packs each are:

Helen Ramos
Ria dela Cruz
Aileen Vedad
Mercedita Caingles
Antonieta Magaway

Congratulations ladies! Please send your complete address and contact numbers to my email, ba_det at yahoo dot com.

I will contact you soon, I’ll just finish my work on trailer hitch, busy mode.

Biogesic Giveaway

Weather these days is so unpredictable, you leave the house with the sun up and shining and you come home wet from the rain. So it’s inevitable that we get the occasional sniffles, headache or migraine due to hot weather and fever. For moms like me, I can’t afford to just lie down whenever I have headache or fever, I need to get well and recover fast because I want to spend time with my baby. That’s why whenever I have a headache or I’m coming down with a fever, I pop Biogesic right away. Even if I’m breastfeeding, it’s definitely safe! With Biogesic, diretso sa lagnat, diretso galing!

For kids and babies, mommies can trust doctor-recommended Biogesic for Kids with Micronized Technology.

Win these!

Now, Biogesic will be giving away 2 Biogesic 8s pack, 1 Female shirt and 1 Biogesic Imortal Tumbler to 5 lucky winners.

Here’s what you’ll do to qualify:

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Jes’ Giveaway Winner

Jes had a birthday giveaway entitled “Let’s Party, Jes is Thirty” and I’m one of the sponsors. Well, I offered my accessories at Pink Fortune as prizes.

And here are the prizes for the winner, Alyssa. Congrats dear! I will send you the prizes soon, I have your address already…

Happy Bag

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A Certified Foodie!

*This is my entry to Certified Foodies First Anniversary Giveaway contest.

My love affair with food started a long time ago. I’m not a picky eater when I was a child, I ate chicken feet, balut, fishballs, veggies, etc… My love for food carried on until now, whenever I read some raves of a particular food or resto, I make it a point to taste and experience them. Being a foodie is one expensive hobby I tell you, here in my blog, the food and restaurant reviews written here are unbiased because I wrote them as a paying customer.

So for the love of food, I’m sharing this photo of me feasting on Wingman Buffalo wings! I tried making it at home using McCormick mix, and tried the buffalo wings of other restos but I still go back to Wingman.

Hmmm, let me try the Buffalo Wings recipe from Certified Foodies.

The best way to enjoy food is to eat with your bare hands

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I won an Ipod Nano

Last Monday seems to be a lucky day for me. You see, I often join online contests, any contests with easy mechanics like retweeting, posting on FB, commenting and anything that only requires a minute or two. But with dozens of contests I joined, I seldom win. One contest I joined was and Beyond the Box Ipod Nano giveaway, and I’m one of the three winners!

Ipod Nano giveaway (image from Technoodling)

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