Flawless All-Natural Ultimate White Facial

My face has uneven skin tone, some parts on the side of my face are darker. Maybe it’s the way how I apply my skin care products. When I learned about All-Natural Ultimate White Facial from Flawless, I knew I just have to try it. I usually avail their Advanced Facials or the Cell Booster Infusion Mask, both are good so I’m sure the All-Natural Ultimate White Facial will be beneficial to my skin too, it’s not called “ultimate” for nothing.

Nanay and I went to Flawless SM San Lazaro branch. Before the facial procedure started, my therapist, Rachel, explained to me that since this is a natural facial, she will skip the pricking part since I have clear skin. I got a bit disappointed because I really like the pricking part and I find joy seeing all the dirt (whiteheads and blackheads) on my face removed.

flawless all natural white facial sm san lazaro

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A finer life with Fine Japan Co. Ltd.’s beauty and wellness food supplements

A “finer life” compels you to wake up every morning excited and raring to go and see what the day ahead has in store for you.  Two aspirations can bring out your adrenaline and motivation to fuel this energetic state: good health and physical attractiveness. You can attain these two with the help of Fine Japan Co. Ltd.

Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old global leading wellness company has brought to the Philippines potent, ready to drink nutraceutical products that fight aging, boost health, and enhance personal beauty.  It has a full range of products to keep us healthy and give us that glowing and confident demeanor.

HyC 150 fine japan

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Resolift and Carboxy Gel Therapy at The Zen Institute

I have several treatments I can try at The Zen Institute, thanks to the VIP card given to us from their previous events. From the list of the offered services, I decided to try the 1 month session of Resolift at their Tomas Morato branch. Resolift is one of the signature treatments of The Zen Institute. It is a non-invasive technique to tighten the skin and lift sagging facial muscles for a younger over-all appearance. Resolift is a technology which emits high frequency signals to burn fat and tighten the skin by cellular regeneration. Targeting specific areas with excess fat like chin and cheeks, it is known as the most effective treatment for facial slimming and rejuvenation needs.

Here is the machine used for Resolift:

Resolift machine used at The Zen Institute

Resolift machine used at The Zen Institute

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Tropical shower experience with Dial Coconut Water Soap and Body Wash

Have you seen the hashtag #ShoweredwithCoco that went viral on Twitter 2 months ago? It’s because of Coco. Sino ba si Coco? More like Ano ba si Coco? 

TGIF! And to start my day, I #showeredwithcoco! Hmmmm….

A photo posted by Badet Siazon (@badudets) on

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I took the Matrix 8-inch Cut for Cancer Challenge

I made one kiddie cancer patient happy today because I took the 8-inch haircut for cancer challenge by Matrix Philippines. The hair donations will be used to make wigs for cancer patients of Kythe Ateneo Foundation. I’m really planning on changing my hairstyle before my birthday, and when I learned about the challenge, I just waited for it so that my hair can be put to good use.

matrix 8 inch cut for cancer challenge

One last look on my long hair

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Kojie San Kojic Acid and Dream White soaps – a review

I think my skin is getting immune on my current whitening soaps that’s why I need to switch brands. Here’s a story on why I discovered Kojie San Kojic Acid soap. I noticed that our helper’s skin lightened, she has been with us for just around 3 months. She’s from the province and her skin is not that fair. So I was surprised that her skin lightened, of course, I have to ask her what soap she uses. She said Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap. I then bought Kojie San soaps come the next day because it’s already proven effective by our helper, :p

Read more about the other whitening  soap I tried: Mestiza Skin Whitening Soap

Kojie San Dream White and Kojic Acid soaps

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